7 Key Points To Ensure Good Vaginal Health

7 Key Points To Ensure Good Vaginal Health

Well it’s important for one to maintain their hygiene. One has to know on how to maintain cleanliness in the mysterious parts of our body. There are various kinds of bacterial infection that can cause problems in your vagina. The odor, various juices secreted from vagina can tell you about its good or bad condition.

Here are a few key points to ensure that your vagina is healthy:

1. Regular Changing’s of Pads in Periods

A heavy Flow or not but change pads every 6 hours. A long usage can result in fungal and bacterial infections as well as rashes& irritation.

2. A Gentle Wash

Wash your intimate areas well with lukewarm water. One may use Intimate washes available these days in the markets to maintain the PH level there.

3. Cotton Panties

Don’t think all time about the style and fashion wearing satin or net ones. Use cotton panties as cotton is not only good in material but also allows the skin to breathe.

4. A Healthy Diet

If you desire to smell lovely there then avoid junk, non-veg, spicy and opt for a healthy leafy, fruity diet with curd in it. Yogurt has an anti -bacterial property good for female’s hygiene specially!

5. Urinate After Sex

After doing sex, never ever forget to pee and wash the intimate area which will push out the bacteria’s from there. If you don’t, you might just catch a urine infection, and that’s going to cause both pain and an odour situation!

6. A Hot Bath

Pamper yourself with a hot bath. Shower in lukewarm water or a hot tub bath. Add some rise water to it to smell better and relax fully!

7. Be Regular to Gynae

Have regular checkups to know everything is fine down there.

Ladies, these are few ways to enjoy a healthy, beautiful and sweet vagina.Have a better, healthy and deeper relationship with your lady parts. Pamper them and keep them hygienic, unblemished and flawless. Make it a better experience for yourself and your partner as well.

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7 Key Points To Ensure Good Vaginal Health
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