10 Foods To Avoid For A Sound Sleep

10 Foods To Avoid For A Sound Sleep

The nightmare that is insomnia can only be appreciated by people who have suffered through it. It is bad for the body and the mind both to be deprived of a good night's sleep. You can ensure a sound sleep by avoiding these 10 foods right before going

1. Ice Cream

The good news is that – actually, there is no good news at all. It has been found that eating foods with high sugar before going to bed causes nightmares. But that is after you fall asleep, which is going to take you a long time after eating ice cream. The sugar rush will keep your energy levels high as it will not get burnt otherwise. Besides the excess sugars will get converted to fat and just lay there. Eating ice cream before bed is bad both for the insomniacs and the health-conscious. Hence, avoid ice cream before in order to have a sound sleep. (Image Credit: Shutterstock)

2. Celery

Surprised to see a vegetable on this list? Well, for those who didn't know – celery is a diuretic, which means it pushes water through your body, making you pee more. So, although it is a good veggie to have anytime of the day, it might not be a brilliant idea to have it for a late dinner right before sleep if you do not want to make a couple of trips to the loo at night.

3. Pasta

Everything that tastes good is bad for you, isn't it? Pasta is simple, easy to make and a great dish at that. However, most pasta has a high glycemic index – which will affect your blood sugar levels once you go to bed after having it. An awry sugar level does not make drifting into sleep easy and keep you up at night. Also, it comes with all sorts of oils, cheeses and heavy cream – if you are health-conscious, it will anyway keep you up thinking about the calories!

4. Pizza

We might be ruining all the good food for you, but a regular pizza will cause havoc to your digestive system if you have it right before going to bed. The tomato sauce used is high in acidity and will thus cause acid reflux – while the heavy greasy toppings will either give you heartburn or cause sleeplessness as your stomach tries to deal with them. There are always nutritious pizza toppings, but we do not want to spoil pizza altogether for you.

5. Candy Bars

More than half of the people who have very sweet foods like candy bars before going to sleep get nightmares. Studies show that it has to do something with the high sugar levels affect brain waves to give us nightmares. Most of us crave something sweet before going to bed, as long as you are okay with getting up in the middle of the night suddenly after a bad nightmare, we say go for it!

6. Cereal

Not all cereals, mind you. Some of us do have the quirky habit of munching a bowlful of cereals for a midnight snack – but it is not healthy. The huge amounts of carbs and refined sugars can play havoc with your blood sugar levels, keeping you up till odd hours of the night. If you really do need your dose of crunchy cereal snack, go for the low-carb, whole-grain and less sweeter options.

7. Garlic

Garlic is an amazing food that is good for sugar levels and your heart – but it is one of those foods that you might be wise to save for waking hours. Had right before sleeping at night mixed with spicy food, the hot herb can give you heartburn and is especially bad for those are prone to acidity. It can end up giving you an upset stomach - and nobody wants that when they are trying to get some sleep.

8. Dark Chocolate

Like ice-cream and candy bars, dark chocolate is also another weakness for those with a sweet tooth. But it is loaded with caffeine and theobromine – two things can keep your energy levels spiked. If you want to have your cake and eat it too – that is, have something sweet and get a good night's sleep too, you can go for white or milk chocolate. It has much lower contents of these two components – and a nibble or two will not make any difference.

9. Alcohol

No surprises there, right? Some believe that the good ol' booze can help you black out and get a soundless sleep, but that is just a myth. The sleep is shallow and you awaken in the middle of the night a number of times. Or if you go to bed drunk, you will get a good sleep only till the alcohol is working, once the effects wear off – you get up and cannot go back to normal sleep easily.

10. Red Meat

It is a puzzler – as red meat has iron and tryptophan which induce sleep and it also is loaded with fats and proteins which mean your stomach has to pull an all-nighter in digesting it. So, walk the middle path and avoid having it before going to sleep – and have a moderate amount at that. (Image Credit: Shutterstock) Whereas these foods are to be strictly avoided before bedtime if you to have a sound sleep at night, it is commonly accepted that you should have your last meal of the day two hours before hitting the sack. Insomnia or inability to get a sound sleep is as much a mental problem as physical. Start the battle by adhering to healthy eating habits.

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10 Foods To Avoid For A Sound Sleep
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