Pragathi Guruprasad

Pragathi Guruprasad Bio, Facts, and Family

NamePragathi (Pragathy)

Full Name: Pragathi Guruprasad

Date of Birth: September 14 1997 (14-9-2012)

Place of Birth: Fremont, California

Pragathi Guruprasad


Pragathi Guruprasad, one of the Top 3 finalists in Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 was born on 14th September, 1997. She hails from Fremont, California. Her official voting id in Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 is SSJ04. She is a music lover and also a very good Table Tennis player.

Pragathi is a very good classically trained singer and also able to sing very good western style songs. Her mom is a very good supporter, who is behind her throughout the competition.

The 14 year old girl, Pragathi is presently in 9th grade. She has been into singing field since from the age of 2. She currently resides in Chennai. She also enjoys dancing a lot apart from singing.

She got lots of chocolate showers for singing a variety of songs. All the judges praised for her singing.

She is one of the top finalist and hoping to win the Super Singer Junior 3 title.

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Pragathi Guruprasad
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