Top 10 Most Beautiful Israeli Women

Top 10 Most Beautiful Israeli Women

Beauty in women is generally a measure of glamour, but according to modern standards, factors such as popularity, intellect and skill are used to characterize the beauty of a woman. Israeli women are known to be tough and still have remarkable looks and charm.

Beauty doesn’t just suggest that a person is more desirable but also that they are more intelligent, friendlier and more independent. Beauty also inspires varies emotions such as admiration, hope and sometimes envy in others. And these Israeli beauties are more than guaranteed to inspire some emotions in each one of us.

Here is the List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Israeli Women:

10. Noa Tishby

The multi-talented Noa Tishby is an actress, model and singer. She was born in Tel Aviv and was married to Andrew Gunsberg, an Australian media personality. Tishby gave birth to her son, Ari Ford Tishby Hinkle in November 2015.

She is a member of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Israeli Consulate Speakers Bureau as well as the Israeli Leadership Council (ILC). Tishby has acted in several films such as Ghost of girlfriends past, the island and Skeleton man. She has also worked in numerous TV such as Ramat Aviv Gimmel, Las Vegas,  CSI: NY and The Deep End.

9. Ayelet Zurer

AyeletZurer was born in Tel Aviv, after finishing her military service she moved to the United States to build a career in Hollywood. She first appeared in a show called “InyanshelZman” in 1991. Her breakthrough in Hollywood came in the year 2005 when she was casted in the movie “Munich” directed by Steven Spielberg, she acted as the wife of Eric Bana who played the lead role.

She also appeared in few other movies such as Vantage Point and Ingenious before she played the lead female role in Angels and demons, the sequel to The Da Vinci Code and Hide Away. Her latest appearance is in the TV series Daredevil as Vanessa Marianna.

8. Moran Atias

The former Miss Israel, Atias was born to Israeli born parents in the northern Israeli city Haifa. She started her acting career at the young age of 15 when she appeared on the youth TV series “Out Of Focus”. After she failed to serve the Israeli Defense Force due to meningitis at the age of 17, she pursued modeling, where she became a model for Roberto Cavalli. Atias has been featured in many films such as Land of the lost, The nest three days, Crazy Eyes, Third Person and A Stand Up Guy.

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7. Natalie Portman

Portman was born in Jerusalem in 1981, and her original name was Neta-Lee. In 1999, she graduated from Syosset high school in Long Island, and in 2003 she graduated Harvard University with a degree in psychology. Her first appearance was in the year 1994 in the film Leon: The professional and changed her last name to her grandmother’s maiden name “Portman”. In 1997, Portman was cast in Star Wars Prequel Trilogy as Padme Amidala. She acclaimed mainstream success between the years 2006 – 2009 when she acted in movies such as V for Vendetta. And her role as Nina Sayers in Black Swan was by far one of her best performances.

Her exceptional acting skills have bagged her numerous awards, some of which are a Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, two Golden Globe Awards and much more.

6. Gal Gadot

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Gadot ‘s family background is ¼ Polish, ¼ Austrian, ¼ German and ¼ Czech. She married YaronVarsano, a Israeli real eatate developer in 2008, the couple had a daughter in 2011 and are expecting a second child. At the age of 20, she had served two years in the Israeli Defense Forces. Gadot won the Miss Israel competition and Miss Universe pageant in 2004.

She auditioned for the role of Bond Girl in the film Quantum of Solace but instead was casted in Fast and Furious, where she performed her own stunts. Today Gadot is widely known for her role as Wonder Woman in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Good news for all Gadot fans as she will appear as Wonder Woman in the upcoming DC movies Justice League and Wonder woman.

5. Alona Tal

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Born in October 20th 1983, she became famous for her work as a singer and actress. Unlike many actresses who chose modelling as a career option, Tal actually served in the Israel defence before acting. Her first ever release was a children’s musical video which was followed by a string of commercials. Her big break was Israeli film lihiyotkochav, after which she appeared in two Israeli TV shows.

Her big American dream came true when she moved to New York and got a role on veronica mars. She has also starred in the infamous TV series Supernatural. Also, she is the voice of Catherine-B320 in Halo: reach.

4. Michal yannai

Michal yannai -Photo via Pinterest

Many people might not have heard a lot about this Israeli actress, but back in 1990s she was a host of a major kids’ show in Israel. But considering the fact that there was just one kids’ channel she was a major success; she was even nicknamed “queen of the children”. But this queen had to face some major setbacks in her career when her self-reality show was sued by the producers for revealing her true-life stories.

She pulled herself up once again in 2007 by starring in a show called Avenue Q and starred in two American movies 88 minutes and mega snake. Yannai is now married and has a son and daughter who live in Tel Aviv, Israel.

3. Miri Bohadana

This brown eyed beauty was born in 1977 and at an age of just 15 contested in “miss beer sheva”. She chose to be a model soon after. And her beauty didn’t let her down as she became the runner up in the miss Israel contest 1995, soon after she gained worldwide recognition in the miss world contest held in South Africa where she finished third.

Bohadana featured in many Israeli commercials and catalogues before landing a major role in the movie Eskimo Limon in 2000. Apart from acting, Bohadana has also produced a TV show named Good Girls.

2. Odeya Rush

Rush was a combination of beauty and brains because she was she wrote and performed her first play at the age of just 8. Her parents moved to USA when she was a 9-year-old and she had a hard time there, because she knew only Hebrew.

She soon stepped into modelling after moving to Los Angeles in 2013 advertising for major fashion companies like Tommy Hilfiger, gap, Ralph Lauren and many more. Her first on screen appearance was in law and order: special victims’ unit. Rush has appeared in many English films such as the odd life of timothy green, Mary mother of light, the giver, Goosebumps. She is even listed in Hollywood’s 20 up and coming actress.

1. Bar Refaeli

She is the leader of this list because she is not only beautiful, but also the most successful model from and the highest paid model from Israel. She is well known MTV Europe music awards and cover for sports illustrated in 2009 and 2011. She started modelling at the age of 11 and appeared in numerous advertise campaigns. She was awarded “model of the year” by Israel beauty pageant in 2000. She was adored worldwide for her beauty and she was listed in “hot 100 women” in 2011 and “top 100 most desirable women” in 2012.

Bar refaeli was the most recognised model around the globe as she appeared on the covers and editorials of various magazines like Elle, Vogue, L’official, Allure, Maxim and many others. Her life as a model peaked all expectations as she campaigned for almost all major fashion companies, including the likes of Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s secret, gap, Reebok, Garnier to name a few. She also shows like the x factor Israel and house of style in MTV.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Israeli Women

Sr No. 10 Most Beautiful Israeli Women
1 Bar Refaeli
2 Odeya Rush
3 Miri Bohadana
4 Michal yannai
5 Alona Tal
6 Gal Gadot
7 Natalie Portman
8 Moran Atias
9 Ayelet Zurer
10 Noa Tishby

Israel is often noticeable for its amazing restaurants, great night life. But these beauty queens tell us the women in their country are no less. Of course, beauty is accepted differently in various parts of the world and might not be an adequate way to judge various countries, but Israeli women are adored all around the globe for their beauty which is not only their physical appearance, but also their strength, courage and also selflessness. Apart from their beauty they also inspire emotions like desire, despair and sometimes envy too.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Israeli Women
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