Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks

Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks

Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks: Makeup Geek has finally released their new line of lip products. These bad boys have been two whole years in the making. Two years! Which means they better be good, right?

As a lipstick lover and fan of pretty much every single thing that Makeup Geek makes, to say I was excited about the release would be an understatement. Today I’m going to give you the lowdown on the whole new line of lipsticks, plus the matte and creme liquid lipsticks. Despite my excitement, I’m trying to give you the whole view of the launch — the good, the great, and the meh aspects of each product.

Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks

Starting off with the iconic lipsticks, these skinny little tubes have some of the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen. They are extra skinny and are housed in a metallic gunmetal twisty tube. These bullets actually remind me a lot of the original Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks, without the wavy packaging.

The cap has an inlet that shows you which color is which so you can actually tell them apart. It’s a nice feature that I appreciate because I’ve got a gazillion lipsticks and being able to, you know, tell them apart makes finding the right color actually possible.

Don’t totally rely on that color indicator to show you the exact shade, though. Some are closer than others, but in general it just gives you the gist of the color. So you can go “ooh this is a peachy nude, not a blackened plum shade.” Helpful, but not perfect.

Pigmentation across the board is — So. Good. Some of the lighter colors may take two swipes to get up to full opacity, but with the darker ones in particular, you barely need to put pressure down on your lips to get that pigment going strong.

Oh, and the darker colors will leave a bit of a stain behind too. I didn’t notice it at all with the lighter colors (not that surprising, really) but the dark lipsticks for sure left a slight stain behind. The stain is lighter than the original color, so it’s not like they are accidentally lip stains or something.

The Iconic Lipsticks have two finishes, matte and shine. The shiny formula reminds me a lot of the MAC Creamsheens but just a tad shinier than that. These babies glide on so easily that you need to watch yourself so you don’t accidentally get out of hand and apply it all over your mouth area.

The mattes aren’t like a super duper dry matte-matte, they’re more like a velvety matte. This makes them a whole lot easier to apply. They have just that little bit of moisture that helps let the lipstick glide across your lips without skipping or tugging.

Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks

Wear time on both formulas is pretty standard for a lipstick, around four-ish hours depending on what you’re doing with your mouth. They do fade evenly and you should keep in mind that they are definitely going to transfer on you. With the price at $15 each they’re sitting in that elusive spot between drugstore and luxury pricing.

Along with the lipsticks, Makeup Geek also launched the Plush line of liquid lipsticks. These guys also come in a matte and a creamy texture, you know, for symmetry.

The liquid lips both have the same doe foot and packaging but are weirdly different sizes for the same price. The cremes are $12 for .10 oz (pretty standard) and the mattes are also $12 but for only .06 oz of product. It’s kind of odd that they would choose to do that, in my opinion. I actually liked the mattes better so I’d be perfectly fine paying two bucks more or something to get the slightly larger size.

So we’ll start of with the lip creme formula. These are basically the liquid lipstick equivalent-ish to the shiny iconic lipsticks. They’re less shiny, more creamy (as the name may suggest) than the lipsticks, but they are just as pigmented.

The plush name really hits the nail on the head. The formula is kind of mousse-y, but not too airy like it’s literally whipped up. They sit on your lips and don’t totally dry down or sink in.

The lip cremes will probably wear you for four hours or so. They are for sure going to transfer onto everything you own, so if you aren’t into that be extra careful while you are wearing these.

Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks

The doe foot works nicely for the lip creams, but I do wish it was just a bit sharper or pointier on the tip. It’s the kind of thing that these doe feet (foots?) would be perfect for a lipgloss and they work perfectly fine for the lighter colors. But for the darker shades it is a little difficult to get a crisp line.

Granted I’m super jaded when it comes to doe foot applicators. Unless they are pointed and sharp (like the YSL ones, or the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks) I’ll probably take off a point or two. It’s just not the perfect way to apply a bold lip color, you know?

Ok, finally. We get to the mattes. These guys are my favorite so I left ‘em for last.

Just look. Look at that color. That color was made for your happiness. It’s that amazing.

Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks

The mattes, just like all the rest of this launch are over-the-top pigmented. You only need one swipe for any of the colors to get full pigmentation, which is just like the best feeling in the world.

Just like the matte lipsticks they have a velvety matte finish. And like the plush cremes, they have the same moussey texture and they don’t totally dry down. So they’re not like your Colourpop kind of dry, sucking the life out of your lips.

They will still transfer, just not as badly as the lip cremes, or any of the lipsticks. These are the only ones from this launch that I’d feel comfortable wearing out to dinner and not feeling like I’d get lipstick all over my nose/chin/cheek area while I ate.

For the mattes, I definitely wish the doe foot was sharper. It’s the same chagrin you literally just read about for the creme formula.

And look, it’s not like Makeup Geek is alone in this kind of doe foot. It’s the type you see nine times out of 10.

Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks

OK, so conclusions. Packaging for all these lip products (doe feet aside), 10/10. Marlena (CEO of Makeup Geek) did say that the price of the packaging drove up the price of the product. Some people are really pissed about it, but I’m all for having really nice quality packaging so I won’t poo-poo it.

As for the formulas they’re all great. I do wish they were a bit longer wearing (maybe that’s down the road in other rumored lip launches). If I were you I’d definitely get a few of the Plush Mattes, then move onto a few of the shiny lipsticks and then go from there!

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Details about the Makeup Geeks New Lipsticks
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