Story Of Baby Eva Grace: The Hero Who Never Lived

Story Of Baby Eva Grace: The Hero Who Never Lived

Story Of Baby Eva Grace: The Hero Who Never Lived: Keri and Royce Young were looking forward to the standard 19-week anatomy scan of their second child, Eva Grace, when they were instead informed that she had a birth defect known as anencephaly which is so rare it occurs about 3 times for every 10,000 births. The doctor informed the couple that the disease was so severe it was ‘incompatible with life.’ The disease causes the frontal lobe of the brain and the top of the skull to not develop.

Just five months before they were supposed to meet their daughter, the doctor informed them that the chance of survival from this disease is zero per cent.

So a fork in the road occurred: either terminate the pregnancy or go the full term.

Almost immediately, Keri asked the doctor if she could go the full term and donate the baby’s organs. In the end, the couple decided to continue and decided to name their baby Eva which means ‘giver of life.’

On Royce’s blog, he wrote: ‘the mission was simple: get Eva to full term, welcome her into this world to die, and let her give the gift of life to some other hurting family.’

The couple then met up with an organ procurement organization called LifeShare of Oklahoma where they could donate the organs of their infant.


In a time of such grief and sorrow, it is amazing to see how Keri could be thinking of other people and other lives.


Because of Eva, LifeShare has made connections in other states to do the same thing. They now call it the Eva Protocol where they set up an infant organ donation plan.

On her Instagram page, Keri wrote: ‘we said hello and goodbye to our sweet Eva yesterday. She was so perfect in her own little way.’


On ABC News, Royce said: ‘she’s gonna do more in her 24 hours or whatever then maybe we’ll ever do in our lives. To be able to remember our daughter in that way is pretty powerful.’

On his social media, he uploaded a picture of his sleeping wife and it came with a lengthy post commending his wife for the bravery, selflessness and empathy that she displayed in the toughest time of their lives. The unsung hero is not only Eva for giving up her organs but also for the bravery and thoughtfulness that is exhibited by Keri and Royce.

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Story Of Baby Eva Grace: The Hero Who Never Lived
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