12 Symptoms You Can’t Ignore If You Experience Pain All Over Your Body

12 Symptoms You Can’t Ignore If You Experience Pain All Over Your Body

12 Symptoms You Can’t Ignore If You Experience Pain All Over Your Body:

When it comes to illness and well-being, a lot people turn to the internet nowadays to try and diagnose themselves before going to see an actual doctor. What about generic pain and symptoms that cannot be diagnosed by a computer?

Generic chronic pain like fibromyalgia can sometimes be attributed to the root cause of many symptoms, but doctors are still baffled why or how it works.

The following is a list of 12 symptoms that should never be ignored, and you should consult a physician if they persist.

1. Your Pain Lasts Longer Than 3 Months: Chronic pain is both draining on your physical health and your mental health. This symptom is usually a red flag for anyone. Whether it be tooth pain, back pain, abdominal pain or chest pain. It’s a sign your body is struggling with something, and you should always seek a medical professional’s opinion. Stop worrying and get answers.

2. Exhaustion and Pain are Severe in the Morning: When you wake up, you should feel rested and ready to go. Unless you spent the previous day helping your friends move or using muscles you haven’t in a long time, you shouldn’t wake up in pain. Chronic mornings like this are a sign that you need to get something looked at.

3. You Cannot Sleep: Pain that wakes you up from a deep sleep should never be ignored. If you cannot sleep regularly because of a bodily issue, this will be especially draining and dangerous as your body uses your sleep to rest, heal, and rejuvenate itself.

4. Sharp Localized Pain: If you’re feeling pain in a specific area, and the pain does not seem to go away over time, you could be dealing with a far more serious issue. Arthritis or carpal tunnel may be one cause, but left unchecked it could be something far worse.

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5. Unstoppable Headaches: Teaching children all day, or working anywhere stressful is enough to give anyone a headache. Chronic headaches, however, are a sign of a deeper problem. It could be dehydration, but it could also be something else like a growth pressing on your cerebral cortex, or early signs of hemiplegic migraines.


6. Painful Menstruation: for some women menstruation can be relatively easy (if not a minor annoyance) with minimal to no cramping but if you’re dealing with the severe abdominal pain you might be dealing with a more complicated issue.

7. Discomfort in the Bathroom: Problems urinating or defecating, especially when it comes to pain should never, ever be ignored. What should be a natural process should never feel irritating or painful. If you see blood, this is especially when you should consult a physician.

8. Sensitivity to Weather or Sudden Change in Temperature: A lot of chronic arthritic patients express pain when there is a shift in the weather, or when exposed to the cold for too long. It’s a sign that your muscles are dealing with more than the run-of-the-mill kind of day.

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9. Unanticipated Fever or Hot Flash: Fevers and hot flashes are very normal when dealing with things like menopause or a cold, it’s a sign your body is fighting off a new process or irritant in your system. Chronic fevers and sudden changes in body temperature are a sign of something completely different. Much like a computer, your body overheats if it’s doing too much work. Pay attention to your signals and take precautions.

10. Loss of Feeling or Sudden Swelling: When a part of your body swells, it is because your body is sending extra blood to a specific region to help it heal. Unnatural swelling or loss of feeling in a part of your body could be a sign of something wrong with your nervous system, or nerves in general.

11. Difficulty Concentrating: Sometimes pain can go undetected, especially if it’s a part of your body that doesn’t have any nerves. The brain cannot specifically feel pain, but sometimes there are things going on that cause our brains to have difficulty. Never mess around with your noggin.

12. Routine Exhaustion and Depression: This should be a given, but often people excuse exhaustion with lack of sleep or stress. Often times this may not be the case. Depression and mental illnesses take a toll on anyone’s body and are symptoms that should be taken seriously. Treat your body right, and never ignore symptoms like this if they persist for extended periods.

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12 Symptoms You Can’t Ignore If You Experience Pain All Over Your Body
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