All you need to know about what causes Bad Breath

All you need to know about what causes Bad Breath

All you need to know about what causes Bad Breath:

Bad breath, a.k.a halitosis, is a serious problem.

Not only does it leave a bad taste in your mouth. It leaves one in others' as well.

That's why we decided to go ahead, dig deep, and find out the exact causes of bad breath, just for you.

#1 The Food You Eat

What you eat says a lot about you.

Unfortunately, some food items, which are regulars on our grocery list (and have incredible health benefits), are actually responsible for causing bad breath.

And while we all know that onion and garlic tend to leave a nasty odor in our mouth, the lesser known ones are coffee, orange juice, cheese, and meat.

#2 Poor Oral Hygiene

There is no way around this one.

If you do not brush your teeth regularly, rarely use the tongue-cleaner, and often forget to rinse your mouth after meals, then your bad breath might be because of festering food particles still left inside your mouth.

In fact, even if you do everything right, you will still have bad breath if you fail to visit the dentist at least once every year.


Because hard deposits develop around our teeth naturally over time (because of the minerals in our saliva). And these deposits cannot be removed by regular brushing.

So they just sit there in your mouth, encourage bacterial growth, and cause bad breath, until you make an appointment and visit the dentist.

#3 Tobacco and its Products

Whether it's bidi, cigarette, or gutka, tobacco in all its forms is very harmful for your health.

And if the fact that they cause bad breath is not incentive enough for you to quit your habit, then perhaps the fact that they cause oral cancer will.

#4 Dry Mouth

Salivation is good. It flushes out all the odor-producing particles and bacteria in your mouth.

That's why when our mouth dries up, it starts to stink.

Something that can happen naturally (like when we sleep), or pathologically (because of some underlying medical problem).

#5 Sinusitis

This medical condition brings with it a host of problems.

And bad breath is one of them.

This is because in sinusitis, our sinuses fill up with mucus, which finds no escape from the cavities. So it remains stagnant and un-aired, and soon starts to release malodorous compounds, which reaches our airway.

#6 Infections in the Mouth

It can be as simple as an empty wisdom tooth socket, or as complex as periodontitis, but infections in the mouth always causes bad breath because of the bacterial breakdown products they form.

So if you have mouth ulcers, gum disease, or just had oral surgery, it is recommended that you rinse your mouth after every meal with salt water to prevent the problem from getting worse.


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All you need to know about what causes Bad Breath
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