Does Overdose Of Food Or Water Kill You?

Does Overdose Of Food Or Water Kill You?

Does Overdose Of Food Or Water Kill You?

Does overdose of water kill you? Too much of anything is bad! Yes, even the good things may turn bad when the dosage is high. Even healthy foods can be deadly if you cross the limit.

Over consumption may have negative consequences. We all know that. But some foods or substances may even kill a human being in case of over dosage.

Here is a list of foods which are very deadly when you consume too much. Never make the mistake of eating too much of the below mentioned foods.

Water Overdose

If you drink more than 7-10 liters of water at a time, your kidneys may struggle a lot to flush the water out of your system. In rare cases, it could even result in organ damage or brain edema or even respiratory arrest. It could thereby cause death too.

Caffeine Overdose

How much is too much? Well, there are people who died due to caffeine over dosage in energy drinks. When it comes to coffee, if a person drinks around more than 100 cups of coffee one after the other, there is no guarantee of survival.

Chocolate Overdose

If a person eats around 10 kilograms of chocolate in one go, the complications he may suffer include internal bleeding, epileptic fits, diarrhea, nausea and even death.

Alcohol Overdose

Suppose a drink contains 40% of alcohol. If a person consumes more than 1.5 liters of that drink in just one hour then it is deadly! Death cold occur!

Cigarette Overdose

Smoking 75 cigarettes one after the other can be deadly. Each stick contains around 0.8 mg nicotine!

Apple Overdose

What? Are apples dangerous? Well, no but eating the seeds of more than 18 apples at a time could be lethal. They contain cyanide and may even cause death in some cases.

Banana Overdose

Banana is healthy. It contains potassium. But if you eat too much of potassium, it could be lethal. How much is too much? Well, eating 400 bananas one after the other can even take away life.

Salt Overdose

Around 50 teaspoons of salt in a single sitting could be lethal dosage. It could be very painful too.

Sugar Overdose

Even sugar can be deadly if you eat around 500 teaspoons of it in a single sitting. That is the reason why moderation in everything is the key to healthy life.

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Does Overdose Of Food Or Water Kill You?
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