Ways In Which Being Tall Can Affect Your Health

Ways In Which Being Tall Can Affect Your Health

Ways In Which Being Tall Can Affect Your Health:

Being tall is something that all of us want. It may be very good for your self-esteem.

Towering over your peers may also make you feel confident and better than ever.

Did you know that tall and short people have different likelihoods of contracting cancer, injury and even longevity?

But you need to realize that being tall has its own downfalls too. There are a lot of ways in which your height can influence your health.

There are several medical issues that can disproportionately affect people who are taller.

So, if you have been wondering, does being tall affect your health, then you need to read this. Scroll further to know more about the health disadvantages of being tall.

1. More Blood Clots:

A study showed that people who were taller had a higher risk of developing a venous thromboembolism, a type of blood clot that starts in the vein. They found that gravity may be influencing this link.

2. Higher Risk Of Dying From Cancer:

The risk of dying from cancer increases by 4% for every two-and-a-half inches of height a person has. Being tall maybe a marker of overnutrition. Eating high-calorie animal proteins could activate the growth processes that could leave the cells vulnerable to mutations.

3. Heart Disease And Diabetes Risk:

Tall people will have higher rates of heart disease and diabetes. A study has shown that for every 2.5 inches of height, a person's risk of dying from heart disease is increased by 6%. This is one of the main health disadvantages of being tall.

4. Higher Risk Of Atrial Fibrillation:

Taller and bigger women are three times more likely to develop atrial fibrillation, a dangerous heart rhythm disorder. The larger the woman's body size as a young adult, more likely that she'll develop this irregularity.

5. Injury:

Not only are tall people more injury prone, but they are often worse than those experienced by shorter people. Taller old people also have a higher risk of hip fracture. So, if you have been wondering does being tall affect your health, you might have got your answer.

6. Spine, Neck Or Back Problem:

Tall people need to ensure that their working bay is comfortable. If the space is too cramped up with short chairs and short tables, overtime, this will lead to spine, neck and back problems.

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Ways In Which Being Tall Can Affect Your Health
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