According To Ayurveda You Must Follow These Tips While Drinking Water!

According To Ayurveda You Must Follow These Tips While Drinking Water!

According To Ayurveda You Must Follow These Tips While Drinking Water!

A popular quote reads, 'Water is the soul of the earth'. We can all agree to that statement because, water is one of the most essential forces which allows an organism to exist.

Right from a microbe to the most supreme of all living beings, i.e, us humans, all the living organisms on this earth require water to live.

Without water, death will come and it will be quick! Yes, it is a fact that even though we may be able to survive without food for at least a few days, without water, it could be a matter of hours before one of our organs fail!

As we may know, the human body is made of about 78% of water, so you can imagine how important it is to keep restoring the body with water regularly to keep up our health.

Right from a very young age, we would have been taught at schools and our homes that one must always drink enough water in a day.

Now, the right amount of water required for good health is about 2 litres a day for an average person and if you are suffering from any ailments or if you indulge in intense exercise, then you may need about 3 litres of water per day.

If a person does not consume enough water, then it could lead to dehydration and dehydration is known to be the root cause of a number of disorders, both major and minor.

Right from a small headache to heart ailments, dehydration could play a key role!

So, it is very important to drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated.

According to Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine, there are a few tips to drink water the right way; have a look at them, here.

Sit Down & Drink

It is always better to sit down while drinking water, because your kidneys have a better chance of carrying out the filtration process effectively, in the sitting position.

Drink Small Gulps

Drink small gulps of water slowly and breathe while drinking, instead of chugging water down, because this habit is known to allow your intestines to secrete healthy digestive juices.

Drink Lukewarm Water

Drink lukewarm water as much as possible, because cold water can reduce the blood supply to certain parts of the body, leading to health issues.

Identify Signs Of Dehydration

It is important to identify the signs of dehydration, like chapped lips, dry skin, fatigue, etc., because these are cues given by your body telling you that you need more water.

Consume Warm Water As You Wake Up

Consuming a glass of warm water, before anything else, every morning, is recommended, as it can flush out the toxins and waste from your system more effectively.

Store Water In Silver, Copper Vessels

Try to store drinking water in silver or copper vessels. Because copper and silver are minerals, which have antibacterial properties and antioxidants. These compounds can infuse the water stored with the same properties, ultimately providing you with a number of health benefits.

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According To Ayurveda You Must Follow These Tips While Drinking Water!
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