Drink Bottle Gourd Juice With Ginger For 6 Weeks; Watch What Happens

Drink Bottle Gourd Juice With Ginger For 6 Weeks; Watch What Happens

Drink Bottle Gourd Juice With Ginger For 6 Weeks; Watch What Happens

When it is a hot day and you feel like quenching your thirst with something more impressive than water, you normally would think of a cold soft drink or a thick milkshake, right?

Most of us would not even consider going for natural juices made from vegetables and fruits, we can all admit to this fact.

Well, that is because as humans we all crave for good taste and most healthy drinks are not big on taste!

When we were younger, our elders would have surely told us to consume more fruits and vegetables, instead of junk foods, right?

That is because only when we grow older and start to learn about the nutritional value of foods, we realise that fruits and vegetables have the ability to keep us healthy for a longer time.

However, the majority of us wouldn't have consumed enough healthy foods as kids, so we could be prone to more ailments than the children who would have had healthier diets.

The good news is, it is never too late to alter your lifestyle and make healthier food choices!

So, it is always better to add some fruits and vegetables to your daily diet, if you want to prevent and treat a number of ailments.

Now, many a times, it is easier to consume health drinks, rather than cooking them.

Did you know that the mixture of bottle gourd juice and ginger juice has more than 7 health benefits?

Just add 2 tablespoons of ginger juice to ½ a glass of bottle gourd juice, stir well to form a mixture and your drink is ready!

Consuming this drink, once every morning before breakfast, for at least 6 weeks can have these health benefits; have a look!

1. Aids Weight Loss

The combination of bottle gourd and ginger is packed with enzymes which can boost your metabolic rate, so that fat cells can be burnt faster in order to promote weight loss.

2. Improves Immunity

As this homemade health drink contains antioxidants and vitamin C, it can strengthen your while blood cells from within and boost your immune system.

3. Treats Indigestion

The vitamin K present in this mixture of bottle gourd and ginger can soothe your stomach and reduce the secretion of acids, thus treating indigestion.

4. Improves Heart Health

Many research studies have stated that, as this health drink is rich in fibre and antioxidants, it can prevent blood clot in the arteries, thus keeping your heart healthy.

5. Reduces Stress

As this combination of bottle gourd and ginger contains a compound known as choline, it can reduce stress. Choline aids in balancing the brain chemicals in order to relieve stress.

6. Boosts Energy Levels

This natural drink is loaded with antioxidants, minerals and healthy sugars, so consuming this in the morning can keep you energised and refreshed throughout the day.

7. Treats UTI

This mixture of bottle gourd juice is known to treat urinary tract infection, as it comes with anti-bacterial properties which can kill the bacteria affecting the urinary tract.

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Drink Bottle Gourd Juice With Ginger For 6 Weeks; Watch What Happens
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