7 Simple Tips To Prevent Stomach Bloating After You Eat

7 Simple Tips To Prevent Stomach Bloating After You Eat

7 Simple Tips To Prevent Stomach Bloating After You Eat:

You go to your friend's wedding and along with all the other festivities you enjoy there, the delicious spread of wedding food is also something you relish.

However, immediately after eating, you experience a bloating sensation in your stomach, which could make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable throughout the ceremony!

Now, most of us would have been in situations like the one above, right?

When we have a lot to eat, or if the pace at which we consume food is too fast, we experience stomach bloating.

Stomach bloating can also happen when we consume a large amount of unhealthy foods or foods prepared using baking soda.

Also, some people may even experience bloating even if they are eating relatively healthy!

Stomach bloating can be described as a condition in which the stomach becomes swollen, both internally and externally, due to the accumulation of excess gas.

When the intestines secrete excess digestive acids, the accumulation of gas in the tummy is also excessive, thus causing bloating.

Now, even though stomach bloating may not be considered as a very serious ailment, it can still make a person feel extremely uneasy.

In fact, if the bloating is in excess a person can experience other symptoms like, nausea, stomach pain, acidity, excessive belching and passing wind, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, etc.

Also, when a person is experiencing a severe case of bloating, the abdominal diameter can expand considerably until the bloating is relieved.

So, when a person is bloated it could make him/her feel self-conscious about wearing certain types of outfits!

That is why, it is very important to ensure that you do not experience bloating at all, as much as possible.

Here are a few tips which can help you prevent bloating, after you eat.

Avoid Consuming Lot Of Fluids

Avoid consuming a lot of fluids with your meal, be it juice or water. This habit can allow a lot of gas to be accumulated in the stomach, thus causing bloating.

Eat Slowly

Eat slowly and chew every bite well before swallowing. This tip can help the foods to break down easily in the stomach and use up less stomach secretions, thus preventing the accumulation of excess gas.

Exercise Daily

Exercising on a daily basis is also very much necessary to prevent the accumulation of excess gas and avoid bloating. Taking a 15 minute walk after meals can also help.

Consume Foods With Low Salt

Consuming foods with minimum amounts of salt can also help prevent bloating after eating, as salt can also cause an accumulation of excess gas in the stomach.

Avoid Soft Drinks

Avoid consuming soft drinks or energy drinks with your meals. These carbonated drinks can stimulate the production of excess acids and gas in the stomach, leading to stomach bloating.

Cutting Down On High-fibre Diet

If you are someone who is on a high-fibre diet, you may want to consider cutting down the amount of fibre consumed on a daily basis, as fibre-rich foods can also cause bloating.

Avoid Dairy Products

Avoid consuming dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, etc., in the excess, as dairy can cause the accumulation of excess fats in the stomach.

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7 Simple Tips To Prevent Stomach Bloating After You Eat
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