You Should Avoid These Foods If You Have Jaundice

You Should Avoid These Foods If You Have Jaundice

You Should Avoid These Foods If You Have Jaundice:

Before we get into the foods which you should avoid when you have jaundice, let us have a look at this dangerous health condition which, ultimately, can affect or damage your liver. Some of the vital functions of the liver are:

• It plays a vital role in all the metabolic processes in our system.

• It helps in the clotting of blood.

• It helps in the breaking of fats and produces the energy which the body needs.

By now, hopefully, we can appreciate the importance of the liver in our systems and its vital function in the metabolic activities.

Jaundice is not a disease but an underlying health problem which may be caused due to deadly fevers like malaria.

The rise of bilirubin levels in the blood is the result of jaundice which can give a yellow tinge to the skin and eyes.

Bilirubin is formed by the breakdown of dead RBC's in the liver. When you are down with jaundice the diet plays a major role in helping the liver overcome this health condition.

There are certain foods which should be had and avoided during jaundice for a speedy recovery. This article focuses on the foods which should be avoided.

Spicy Foods:

Spicy foods are extremely harmful when it comes to the digestion process and may hinder speedy recovery of the liver.

Junk Foods:

Junk foods like pizza and burger should be completely avoided. They may contain oil and other adulterated ingredients which are very harmful to the liver and interferes with its metabolic processes.


Alcohol is best if avoided during jaundice. Alcohol mainly metabolises in the liver and in the process, it scars and damages the liver even more when had during this health condition.


During jaundice, the liver finds it extremely difficult to digest the protein in the foods which you eat. As eggs contain high levels of protein, it is best avoided to help the liver in its speedy recovery.

Dairy Products:

Dairy products, like cheese, butter, curd, etc., are best to be avoided since fat is one of the main ingredients in these foods. The liver requires a lot of rest during this serious underlying health condition. So making it digest fats will put a lot of unnecessary strain on the liver and thus, it may fail to perform its vital functions when difficult-to-digest foods like dairy products are taken.


Caffeine, which is the main ingredient of coffee, may cause serious damage to the liver. Since your liver is very fragile during jaundice, it is best to keep away from any kind of caffeinated drinks.


Legumes contain a lot of protein and fibre content. This puts an extra pressure on the liver to produce more bile to help in the digestion process of these protein rich foods. As a result, the functioning of the liver might further deteriorate during this health condition.

Fried Foods:

There is a strict no-no when it comes to the intake of fried foods during jaundice. This is because these foods might contain a lot of saturated fats which are extremely difficult to digest. As a result, the liver, which is in a fragile condition, has to work harder in digesting the saturated fats present in the fried foods.

Non-vegetarian Food:

Non-vegetarian should be strictly stayed away from when you have this serious underlying health condition affecting the liver. This is because these foods contain a lot of saturated fats and protein, making it very difficult for the liver to digest.

To conclude, it is best to stay away from those foods which are really very difficult to digest during jaundice.

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You Should Avoid These Foods If You Have Jaundice
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