5 Exercises That Can Improve Your Eyesight

5 Exercises That Can Improve Your Eyesight

5 Exercises That Can Improve Your Eyesight:

Technological advances are awesome. But they come at a cost sometimes.

Like the increasing incidence of refractive eyesight problems caused by the glare of computer and mobile screens.

But it doesn't have to be that way. At least not, if you perform the following eye exercises that can improve your eyesight.

Note: If you wear glasses, you should take them off before doing these exercises.

How Often Do I Have to Do This?

It is recommended that you perform these exercises twice a day. But you can even do them only once.

In fact, if you find it too time-consuming to do all in one go, just space them out throughout the day according to your convenience.

Your eyesight will start to improve after just a few weeks of daily practice. And your prescription power will reduce too after a few months.

#1 Blinking

The concept behind this exercise is simple: Our eyes produce tears that coat the surface of our eyes every time we blink. This prevents dryness (which is bad for the eyes) and keeps the eyeballs moist and supple.

To perform this exercise, set the timer on your mobile for 3 minutes and blink once after every 3 seconds until the timer rings. You can count the seconds in your head to stay on track.

#2 Palming

Rub your palms together to produce heat and then press your warm palms against your closed eyes in such a way that your fingers rest on your forehead and the heel of your hands are placed over your cheekbones.

Don't apply pressure over your eyes. Just let the heat seep in through your lids. And repeat the process after every 5 seconds for the next 2 minutes.

#3 Zooming

Stretch out your hand and hold up your fist with the thumb out like the Facebook like button.

Now focus on your thumb and start moving it closer to your face until it is just 3 inches away from your eyes. Then move it away until your hand is outstretched once more.

Maintain your focus on the thumb throughout the exercise and make sure you move your thumb slowly.

Set the timer and do this for 3 minutes.

#4 Near and Far Focusing

Hold out your thumb with your hand outstretched (like in the exercise above) and then choose an object that is farther away from you in the room.

First focus on your thumb for 5 seconds. Then switch your focus on the distant object for 5 seconds.
Keep repeating this for 3 minutes. (Set a timer to keep you on track.)

#5 Figure of Eight

To do this exercise you have to imagine there is a large infinity symbol hanging in the air 10 feet away from you.

If you find that difficult to do, simply draw the infinity on an oversized chart paper and stick it to a wall before standing in front of it such that you are 10 feet away.

Now move your eyes and follow the lines of the infinity. First in one direction for 2 minutes. And then in the opposite direction for 2 minutes.

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5 Exercises That Can Improve Your Eyesight
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