DIY Overnight Hair Mask Recipes

DIY Overnight Hair Mask Recipes

DIY Overnight Hair Mask Recipes:

During the usual weekdays or busy days at work, hair care limits to shampoo and oil only. That's not enough if you want to take complete care of your hair.

To extra protect your hair and get rid of the usual hair problems like hair fall, baldness, dandruff, dry scalp, split ends and so on, you have to opt for extensive and elaborate methods of hair care.

Prepare hair masks and let them be on your hair all night long, so that the mask reacts to your hair and scalp, yielding quick results.

The more you let these homemade hair masks stay on your hair, the extra benefits you will get. However, all of them are sticky and smelly in nature.

Thus, washing your hair the next day thoroughly is an important activity post using these homemade DIY overnight hair masks.

During weekends or when you have some extra time in hand, pick any of these DIY overnight hair mask recipes, get the ingredients, prepare the same, apply it on the hair, wait for a night and wash your hair the next day.

Check the DIY overnight hair mask recipes now.

Castor Oil + Beer + Egg Yolk + Raw Honey Overnight Hair Mask

a) Castor oil and beer to be used in equal proportions.

b) Start by mixing castor oil and beer in equal portions. For 1 tablespoon of oil, you will need 1 tablespoon of beer.

c) If you limit to the 1 tablespoon ratio, then add 1 egg yolk to this.In case you increase the portion of castor oil and beer, the number of egg yolks will go up.

d) Do not beat the egg yolk with beer and oil. Just mix the three.

e) At the end, add a teaspoon of raw honey and mix again.

f) Your DIY homemade hair mask is ready for application on hair. Apply on the hair scalp, use a showercap all night and shampoo the next day.

Banana + Avocado + Coconut Oil Overnight Hair Mask

a) Applying coconut oil and going to sleep is common. To the coconut oil, add two fruits for extra care of your hair. The fruits to be added are banana and avocado.

b) It is very important to have the right portion of banana, avocado and coconut oil mixed. An extra of any of the ingredients might make the hair mask a waste.

c) Begin by peeling the avocado and extracting its pulp. You will need half an avocado.

d) To the avocado pulp, add half a banana pulp.

e) Lukewarm some coconut oil and mix it to the fruit pulp you have. You can add upto 3 tablespoons of coconut oil (melted).

f) Apply this fruit-based coconut oil hair mask overnight with a shower cap on your hair. This works on your hair problems all night long.

g) Next day, first rinse your hair with cold water and then go for a shampoo.

Coconut Milk + Argan Oil Overnight Hair Mask

a) Than packaged coconut milk, it is better if you can grind and strain coconut to get its milk.

b) In a cup of coconut milk, add half a cup of argan oil. The milk and oil takes time to mix completely.

c) Apply this coconut milk and argan oil mix on your hair from the tips to the roots.

d) Put on a shower cap.

e) Next morning, you can shampoo your hair.

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DIY Overnight Hair Mask Recipes
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