How To Apply Lipstick in 6 Different Ways

How To Apply Lipstick in 6 Different Ways?

How To Apply Lipstick in 6 Different Ways?

Do you plan to discard your lip colour owing to boredom? Well, we say don't. Brace up to learn new techniques that will make your lips much more interesting and turn your pout into a trendsetter. Use these six ways to apply lipstick to look like a total diva.

#1. The sophisticated look

Apply a hue that is two shades darker than your natural lip colour. The trick lies in the way you apply the lip gloss. Dot a dash of clear lip gloss just in the centre of upper and lower lips, blending it on the same place. Add a dot of illuminator on the cupid's bow (the curve of the upper lip) and the centre of lower lip for maximum punch!

#2. Get a matte finish

Bright lip colours look best when matte! Apply a thin layer of lip colour on the entire lips. The trick is to dab dollops of colour in the centre of upper and lower lips. This will make them look fuller and poutier. The key here is to apply most of the colour in the centre.

#3. For tinted lips

Slather on a layer of clear lip gloss on your bare lips. Then top it up with your lipstick. This will give you a lighter tint than using the lipstick alone, as the gloss dilutes its pigments. Your lips will reflect a much more natural look while still using your favourite colour.

#4. Stain the lips good

Dab a little amount of lip colour sparingly with your finger all over your lips. This will give you a subtle hue. This is one of the best ways to get colour on your lips when you are running short of time.

#5. Go for blushing lips

This technique will take you back to your teen days. Grab your powder blusher, a shade like carnation pink, hot pink, carrot orange or melon peach, and dab it with your fingers, blending it over your natural lip line. Do not bother about achieving a definite line. A smudged texture is the beauty of this look! Top it up with a dash of lip balm in the center of upper and lower lip.

#6. Get the 3D effect

This is a must-try method to achieve fuller and sexier lips! Line your lips with one or two shades darker lip liner. Fill in your lips with the base lip colour. Further, add a shade darker than your base colour on the outer corner of your lips and a shade lighter in the centre. Top it up with a clear lip gloss. This will create a 3D effect making your lips look much more juicy and pouty!

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How To Apply Lipstick in 6 Different Ways
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