How To Use Banana Peel For The Skin?

How To Use Banana Peel For The Skin?

How To Use Banana Peel For The Skin?

So what do you do after eating a banana? Throw away its peel, right?

Well, don't repeat the same, if you are a skin-conscious man or woman. The banana peel that you throw off can be applied on the skin in various ways. Depending on the problem, you have to decide on how to use the banana peel on skin.

Traditionally, banana peel is known to treat marks and spots on the skin. However, there are a lot more benefits of banana peels, only if you know how to use it. Let's explore the right ways of applying banana peel on the skin and how is it advantageous.

Men and women of all ages with all skin types, can try the following skin home treatments using a banana peel.

For Wrinkles And Ageing Skin

If your skin is badly ageing and showing the signs of it, then here is your rescue -

a) Wash the banana peel and mash it in the grinder. It's good to take two banana peels for this treatment.

b) To the mashed banana peel, add an egg. Do not beat, but using a spoon mix the egg into the banana peel mash.

c) Apply this on areas of your skin and wait for 20 minutes. In the rest time, ensure you are in a relaxed mood.

d) Wash off with cold water or do this before bath, so that you can head for a bath right after.

For Pimples And Acne, Scar Marks

Though direct rubbing of banana peel works on pimple, acne or scar, we can make this a little more rejuvenating experience.

a) Take a quarter plate and pour two tablespoons of honey.

b) Take the clean banana peel and coat its inside with a thin layer of honey.

c) Now, hold or slightly rub this on the effected pimple, acne or scar.

d) You can continue doing it even if the honey goes off.

e) Once done, do not wash immediately. Let your skin be and the residue on banana peel react on the pimples, marks and so on.

For Skin Brightening, Glowing And Whitening

In case of skin brightening, glowing and whitening, you have to use the banana peel as a scrub. The banana peel scrub recipe for skin brightening, glowing and whitening is given below:

a) Ingredients - banana peel (1 piece), oatmeal powder (2 tablespoons), powder sugar (2 tablespoons), raw milk (1 tablespoon).

b) Mash the banana peel in the mixer grinder.

c) Collect the mashed banana peel in a bowl and add the remainning ingredients that is, oatmeal powder, sugar and raw milk to it. Using a spoon, mix all the ingredients of the banana peel scrub.

d) Massage this all over the face and body. Wash off after 20-30 minutes.

For Dry Skin

To use the banana peel as a moisturizer for dry skin, you will need two ingredients - banana peel and lemon.

a) The method is simple. You have to blend both banana peel and lemon juice in the mixer.

b) You will need one banana peel and three tablespoons of lemon juice.

c) Apply this banana peel and lemon mix on your skin, wait and wash off with tepid water.

d) You have to repeat using this every day to see a change on your skin.

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How To Use Banana Peel For The Skin?
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