Mom Beautiful Answer On How It Feels To Have An Adopted Daughter

Mom Beautiful Answer On How It Feels To Have An Adopted Daughter

Mom Beautiful Answer On How It Feels To Have An Adopted Daughter:

It is often preached that adopted children are different than a person’s ‘biological children’ because you don’t share a bloodline with them. Also, the fact that horror stories are in abundance of people abusing and ill-treating their adopted children does not help the case.

However, Cherilyn A. proved all these theories wrong with her answer to a question on Quora which asked ‘Do you feel differently about your adopted child after giving birth.’

And the way she has described her life with her adopted child and her four biological children will instill hope in you that there is after all, some good left in the world. She wrote,

Yes. Definitely. I met my adopted daughter at 9 months old. That is when she joined our family. About 9.5 months later I gave birth to her 1st little sister. Later, I birthed 2 more girls and 1 boy.
Here is how I feel differently about my adopted daughter after giving birth to biological children…
I love her even more than before. I grieve that I had to miss her first 9 months of life. With every “1st” I got to enjoy with my bio newborns, I wondered about my adopted daughter’s firsts and what they were & felt sad that I missed them. I wondered even more how and when she got that little scar on her foot…a boo-boo I wasn’t there to kiss when it was fresh.
I also felt more connected to her birthmom. Thinking of what heartache it had to be leaving her baby at the hospital for whatever reason she had to…and just hoping against hope she would truly be ok. Realizing that I get to enjoy all of the things about her birth daughter that she will never have the privilege to enjoy. Yet, *I* am given the honor of being her Mama!
Funny enough of all 5 of my kids, she looks the most different, but we are the most similar on the inside. God definitely put us together and I can’t imagine my life without her.
With each birth she has tried to explain to her siblings how she grew in another woman’s body, not mine. They argue with her about that. Even though she looks Asian and they are all white, as my 6-year-old said with a shrug yesterday, “Oh yeah. I always forget because you’re just my sister.”
So yes, family dynamics changed, but not because she is adopted & they are bio. Rather because more people =more to adjust to life with. But if I had to say things changed for the better or worse I can only say “for the better.”

We are positive that Cherilyn’s attitude towards life and people will definitely rub off on her children making them beautiful, thoughtful human beings. At the end, ties of love surpass ties of blood.

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Mom Beautiful Answer On How It Feels To Have An Adopted Daughter
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