Seven Herbs That Help Induce Sleep

Seven Herbs That Help Induce Sleep

Seven Herbs That Help Induce Sleep:

Sleep is one of the essential activities for a human. When one is deprived of it, he tends to get irritable and the body does not function at the optimal level.

The day-to-day chores, he has to perform also gets disrupted to a great extent and he is the target of various health complications like obesity, anxiety, depression, various heart ailments, etc.

Though there are a number of over the counter medications available in the market to induce sleep, they do not remove the root cause of sleeplessness, thus, not giving an everlasting solution.

Not to worry! Nature has always been kind towards mankind with its bountiful remedies.


Ashwagandha, being a powerful, safe Indian herb, suggested by some of the great experts of Ayurveda, has been used as an effective sleep inducer for centuries. Now, one of the main causes of lack of sleep is anxiety. Anxiety and stress can be big hindrances to a peaceful sleep which may cause the hormone levels in our body to get abnormal.

Ashwagandha can tackle this problem by reducing the levels of the stress-related hormone called cortisol without depleting the energy in our body. By lowering the cortisol levels, this miracle herb goes a long way in calming down the mind and reduces the symptoms of insomnia to a great extent.


This sweet-smelling shrub is an excellent remedy for insomnia. It treats several sleep disorders by calming down the nervous system. It serves as an effective tonic for the tensed nerves.

A good bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil, before you hit the pillow, is a great way to tackle sleeplessness. Another way can be to drink a cup of warm lavender tea or to spray the pillow with lavender pillow mist to alleviate anxiety and stress and thus, get a good night's sleep.

Passion flower:

Being very beautiful to look at, this flower has many powerful sleep-inducing attributes. From time immemorial, passion flower has been used as a stress reliever. Let us see why! Packed with chemicals like alkaloids, flavones, coumarins and an inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA, this amazing medicinal herb does all that to soothe a stressed and anxiety-laden mind.

It plays an effective role in relaxing the nerves and induces peaceful sleep. If taken in the form of a tincture, between 30 to 60 drops, before unwinding yourself, the effects are very impressive.


Being a powerful sleep inducer, chamomile tea is all that is required to get a restful good night's sleep. The reason being, it is the storehouse for certain flavonoids that produce a calming effect on the nerves and reduce the symptoms of anxiety, thus, promoting a good sleep.


Popularly known as the brain tonic, this wonderful herb has all the properties for inducing good sleep. It undoubtedly calms down the internal emotional turbulence by balancing the stress hormones in our system. The leaves of this powerful herb can be added to the food you consume, thus, extracting its most desirable effects.

Lemon Balm:

Being in utility since the European middle ages, this amazing herb is well known for its calming effects. It is a sure-shot solution for relieving anxiety and promoting peaceful sleep. It is also a reliable medicinal herb to treat several sleep disorders.


This medicinal herb also falls in the sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving category. But a word of caution before consuming this herb-a medicinal expert's advice is very much required as it may damage the liver.

Medicinal herbs like those listed above are the best resort for having a peaceful night's sleep. Sleep like a baby with the help of these nature's powerful gifts.

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Seven Herbs That Help Induce Sleep
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