Dairy Free Milk Not Healthy – Finds Study

Dairy Free Milk Not Healthy - Finds Study

Dairy Free Milk Not Healthy - Finds Study

For those who are intolerant to milk, they take up other alternatives like soy, almonds and coconut milk. But a new research suggests that these non-dairy milk may lead one to iodine deficiency risk.

During the study, researchers from the University of Surrey examined the iodine content of 47 milk-alternative drinks (including soya, almond, coconut, oat, rice, hazelnut and hemp, but excluding those marketed specifically at infants and children) and compared it with that of cows' milk.

Of the drinks tested, fourteen were soya, eleven almond, six coconut, six oat, five rice, three hazelnut and two hemp. The cows' milk tested was semi-skimmed milk and the study was conducted in the winter months.

At the end of the study, researchers found that the majority of dairy-free milks do not have adequate levels of iodine.

Having an adequate amount of iodine is important to make the thyroid hormones. This also help keep the cells and the metabolic rate healthy and is especially important for the brain development of babies, particularly while they are in the womb.

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Dairy Free Milk Not Healthy - Finds Study
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