Tips On How To Apply Concealer During Makeup

Tips On How To Apply Concealer During Makeup

Tips On How To Apply Concealer During Makeup

As the namy says, concealer is used to conceal, that is, hide all the flaws on one's skin and thus look flawless with makeup. To get the right benefit of a concealer, it is important to apply it in the right way.

Like foundation, you do not have to apply a coat of the concealer all over your face. Concealers are applied on specific areas of the skin where there are marks, spots, pimples, acne or zits - in order to cover them up.

Those who apply concealer all over their face not only look fake but also end up having a cakey makeup look. Thus, as a remedy, today we present to you makeup tips on how to apply a concealer, such that your skin problems get hidden and only flawless beauty is visible, after you apply a concealer and the rest of the makeup.

Foundation Or Concealer – What Comes First?

  • There is no one answer for whether a foundation or concealer comes first.
  • If you have one or a few of the skin problems to conceal, then use your foundation first and then, the concealer.
  • In case your skin is full of blemishes, then go the reverse way. That is, conceal first and then apply the foundation.

Concealer For Dark Circles

Yes, concealer can really hide your dark circles. The ideal way is, make a triangle beneath your eyes with the concealer and then blend it in. The lower rim of your eyes is the base of the triangle and the tip will be towards your cheek bones. The intensity of your dark circles will decide on how much concealer you will need here. However, while concealing dark circles, don't end up applying a concealer all over the cheeks, as that is absolutely wrong.

Concealer, Your Base For Eye Makeup

The ideal base for eye makeup is an eye primer; but we often don't own it. In that case, a good saviour is a concealer. Apply a concealer on your eyelid and then coat the eyeshadow. This makes the eyeshadow long lasting and also provides a smooth base to your eye makeup. Ensure that the concealer does not go inside your eyes while you use it as the base for eye makeup.

Shade Of Your Concealer

The best way to get your ideal concealer is to try different shades of it at the makeup store. However, a good concealer should be one shade lighter than your original skin colour. While buying a concealer, ensure you buy a shade lighter than your actual skin tone.

Brush To Apply Concealer

Concealer brushes are available and they should be used while applying a concealer during makeup. However, do warm up your concealer by simply using your fingers, as they can blend the concealer the most and maximum. When applying a concealer, end it with a splash of transluscent powder.

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Tips On How To Apply Concealer During Makeup
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