Tips For Muscle Soreness In Rainy Season

Tips For Muscle Soreness In Rainy Season

Tips For Muscle Soreness In Rainy Season:

When it rains, the weather turns pleasant. But in the monsoon season, when it rains for days together, certain health issues could arise.

In some, skin issues may arise. Also, water-borne diseases spread in the rainy season. Even mosquitoes tend to spread diseases during the rains.

Apart from such problems even body pains, fatigue and muscle soreness are common in the rainy weather. Though there isn't any clear link between rains and pains, it is a fact that some people suffer muscle soreness in the wet season.

Here are some tips to help yourself.


Boil a teaspoon of garlic in a cup of water for 15 minutes. Add a spoon of honey to it and drink it. This mixture can reduce inflammation and joint pain.


Try stretching exercises to boost blood flow and reduce inflammation. Staying physically active can help a lot in reducing the soreness.


As garlic is anti-inflammatory, add it to your diet. If you hate its smell then consume turmeric milk which has the same affect.


You can also try essential oils like lavender, peppermint or rosemary. Mix carrier oil to the essential oil and massage your muscles to find relief from soreness.

Vitamin C

Don't forget to take foods rich in vitamin C. Foods like citrus fruits, chilli peppers and oranges contain vitamin C. They can prevent soreness and boost energy levels.


Try soaking your body in a tub of water in which sea salts are mixed. The magnesium content in the salts can help your muscles relax.


If you experience soreness in your muscles, try consuming whey protein regularly. It helps your muscles recover faster. If your muscles recover completely, the soreness may get reduced.


Dehydration is bad for your muscle soreness. Keep drinking water on regular intervals even though you don't feel thirsty.

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Tips For Muscle Soreness In Rainy Season
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