Surprising Daily Habits That Increase The Risk Of Common Cold!

Surprising Daily Habits That Increase The Risk Of Common Cold!

Surprising Daily Habits That Increase The Risk Of Common Cold!

Imagine this, you are looking forward to the weekend after a long week, but suddenly, you start to develop a cold and you may have to cancel your plans because a cold can put you in a lot of discomfort.

Many of us may feel that a common cold may not be such a major disease; while it is not something serious, this condition can definitely come in the way of a person's daily activities and a common cold has high possibilities of turning into a fever!

For example, when you are suffering from a cold, you will not be able to sit for long hours in the AC, drink cold drinks, eat certain foods, etc., so clearly it can hinder your regular activities.

In addition, if the cold is intense, then, a person can experience severe headaches, throat pain, coughing, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, fever, body pain, etc.

Many a times, if the person's immunity is not strong enough, even a simple common cold could take a long time to heal!

There are a number of things that could induce a common cold in people; this condition is usually caused by microbes borne by food, water or air.

Unhealthy eating habits, consuming cold, uncooked foods at unhygienic places, physical contact with infected persons, pollution, flu, cold weather, etc., can all be some of the causes for common cold.

It is said that common cold cannot be treated and it has to go away on its own, with the help of your immune system.

However, there are a few antibiotics and herbal remedies which can be used to kill the bacteria and reduce the symptoms quickly.

Now, there could be a number of daily habits that many of us follow, which could be increase our risk of developing common cold; here are a few of them!

1. Washing Hands

Not washing your hands often. This habit can allow the germs accumulated on your hands when you were out and about, to transfer into your body through your mouth and nose, causing cold.

2. Taking The Elevators

Taking the elevator often could also put you at the risk of common cold, as there are high chances of you being in an enclosed setting and a close proximity with infected people.

3. Lack Of Exercise 

If you are someone who does not indulge in physical activities on a regular basis, then, your immune system could become weaker, thus making you more prone to being affected by cold causing microbes.

4. Your Feet Are Cold 

It is very important to keep your feet warm by wearing socks, especially during the monsoons and winters, because if your feet are cold, the rest of your body temperate can also decrease, making you susceptible to cold.

5. Drinking Alcohol 

If you are someone who consumes alcohol on a daily basis, even if it is just a few glasses of wine or beer, it could lower your immunity and increase your risk of common cold.

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Surprising Daily Habits That Increase The Risk Of Common Cold!
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