The story behind a heartbreaking Las Vegas shooting photo

The story behind a heartbreaking Las Vegas shooting photo

The story behind a heartbreaking Las Vegas shooting photo:

THE photographer behind some of the most devastating images of the worst gun massacre in modern America's history has revealed the moment he realised just what was unfolding around him.

David Becker had been capturing shots of the Route 91 Harvest Country festival when chaos erupted, with people desperately cowering for cover from the bullets.

David Becker said the devastation of what had just happened hit him as he checked the photographs, and realised how many people were injured

Getty photographer Becker said he had just walking into the media tent to file images of country singer Jason Aldean from the Las Vegas concert when shots first started firing, with a security guard at first telling him it was fire crackers, or sound equipment.

But after the third round of noises, the crowd began to flee.

Writing in response to questions from TIME and facilitated by Getty, the photographer said he stood on a table and started taking photos, saying: "(I was) thinking to myself still, that this isn’t really happening, it’s just the speakers popping.

"It was so dark I couldn’t really see what was happening, there were a lot of people crying, speaking on cellphones and ducking for cover."

He said he struggled to understand what was going on, with the gunfire stopping and starting as people tried to hide in the dark.

He said: "People were cowering, they were very fearful for their lives. This was at a time before I had looked at any of the photographs and I still didn’t know exactly what was happening.”

David Becker captured images of people running for their lives

A man covers a woman with his body in an attempt to shield her from bullets

People desperately try to help those injured in the attack

Panicked crowds ran for their lives in an image captured by Becker

One photograph taken by Becker shows a man lying on top of a woman, attempting to shield her from any bullets.

Taking the photo, Becker had no idea if she was dead or alive.

But moments later, the pair stood up and ran.

It wasn't until he went through his pictures again that Becker said he realised - people were dying.

He said: "I could see people covered in blood and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, this is real'."

Speaking later to a work colleague to find out what happened, all he could glean was that it was a code red.

Witnesses recounted seeing people shot in the head, while survivors rushed to help those left injured and bleeding from the attack.

Two police officers were among those shot, with at least one killed.

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The story behind a heartbreaking Las Vegas shooting photo
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