These Hair Styling Mistakes Can Lead To Hairfall – Check How?

These Hair Styling Mistakes Can Lead To Hairfall – Check How?

These Hair Styling Mistakes Can Lead To Hairfall – Check How?

Styled, decked and decorated hair definitely looks good. But again, it is the styling that you do to your hair that can be the only and primary cause of your hairfall. Hairstyling thus comes with both pros and cons.

Today, we will look at the cons of hairstyling that ace hairfall. From the next time onwards when you style your hair, try cutting down on these hairstyling mistakes and it will for sure reduce your hairfall.

As hairstyling and hairfall are closely connected, here is listing the hairstyling mistakes that can cause a great amount of hairfall. Avoid these hairstyling mistakes from the next time on and you will see a difference to the texture and condition of your hair, which will thereby diminish your hairfall.

The Way You Comb Your Hair?

Yes, though this may sound too preliminary; but, in most cases, it is the wrong combing style that leads to hairfall. Both men and women should comb hair from center to the side. Those who comb from one side of the head to the other are doing it wrong and this leads to extra hairfall.

Using Electronic Hair Products

During hair styling, using electronic hair products is very essential in order to keep the hair arranged. But electronic hair products can contribute to your hairfall. The heat is bad for your hair and weakens the roots. So, if you use electronic hair products during hair styling, then you are actually inviting hairfall.

Towel Drying The Hair

Before hair styling, you wash your hair and then towel dry it. Well, this direct touch of the towel on wet hair aces hairfall. You should fan dry your hair or use an hair dryer. The less towel you use on your hair, the lesser is the scope of hairfall.

Using Various Hair Brushes And Combs

Using different kinds of hair brushes and combs can ace your hairfall. The ideal hair brush for all hair types is using a boar bristle brush. Hair stylists and professionals count on boar bristle brushes as the ideal pick for hair styling.

Treating Wet Hair

In a hurry, often hair styling is done on wet hair - this is very wrong. When the hair is wet, the roots are weak and on top of that the styling products can lead to hairfall. The remedy is, style when your hair is completely dry.

Back Combing Leads To Hairfall

Yes, you read it right! Most hair styling includes back combing and this leads to hairfall. Though back combing instantly can beautify your hair, but it is very harmful for your hair in the long run. Try to avoid back combing your hair if you want to get rid of hairfall.

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These Hair Styling Mistakes Can Lead To Hairfall – Check How?
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