Signs You Need More Protein

Signs You Need More Protein

Signs You Need More Protein:

How does the body show signs of protein deficiency? In order to live a healthy life, we need all nutrients in proper proportions. Lack of any of the nutrients amounts to a deficiency state which is the starting point of sickness.

When it comes to proteins, most of us think that only body builders need protein. Of course, protein is the building material of your muscles. But your body needs protein for a lot of other functions. You need protein for hair, bones, muscles, skin etc.

Who are the ones who may fall prey to protein deficiency? Generally, vegetarians and vegans may miss out on protein. But it doesn't mean that they should eat meat. They can choose vegetarian sources of protein to get enough. Here are some signs of protein deficiency.

You May Crave For Eggs

This is one of the signs you need more protein. Sometimes, when your body lacks enough of protein, it sends a signal through a craving.

If you are a vegetarian, you may crave lentils and if you are a non-vegetarian, you may suddenly desire for eggs or chicken wings. But don't eat junk food to kill your cravings.

You May Experience Sugar Cravings

Sometimes, even sugar cravings could be a sign you need more protein. When you eat a food that contains more of carbs with no protein, it may get digested too soon and this could result in blood sugar spikes which may cause cravings when sugar crash occurs.

Hair Thinning Could Occur

As hair is made of protein, its deficiency could even cause hair thinning in some.

Hair fall is common but when your body is deprived of protein, it tries to preserve the protein levels instead of using them to preserve the hair. So, if you observe hair thinning, then it could be a sign of protein deficiency too.

Brittle Nails And Skin

Even skin and nails tend to get affected if you lack enough of protein. Weak and brittle nails and flaky skin could be a sign that you need more protein.

Are You Falling Sick Frequently?

Protein deficiency could also hit your immune system. You need enough protein to stay healthy.

Chronic Fatigue

If you deprive your body of protein for long periods then you may even feel tired and fatigued for no reason. Also, when the body isn't supplied with enough food, the body breaks down the muscles first which is not a good thing.

What To Do?

Consult a doctor first if you observe the above signs. If the doctor identifies protein deficiency as the reason behind those signs then you may need to boost your intake of protein.

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Signs You Need More Protein
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