Reasons For Weight Gain Due To Your Job

Reasons For Weight Gain Due To Your Job

Reasons For Weight Gain Due To Your Job:

Today, most of us are gaining weight in office. We spend most of the time in office. Added to that, if the eating habits and physical activity are not planned carefully, then weight gain in office could reach alarming levels.

Many surveys claim that toady's cubicles are to be blamed for the raising obesity levels all over the world.

Are you in a sedentary job that forces you to sit for most part of the day? If you are eating less and still gaining weight then your sedentary job could be one reason behind it. Here are some reasons behind weight gain in office.

Eating Just For The Sake Of Company

You just finished lunch but a colleague just offered a snack during a conversation. As you didn't want to turn down his offer, you munched it.

This is one good example of eating just for the sake of offering company to others. Sometimes, we may overeat when we sit together and have the lunch while gossiping with colleagues.

Imagine this situation: Your colleague brings a box of pastries or cookies and offers you saying that she just tried a new recipe. You would naturally eat it to make her feel good. These are all examples of eating for the sake of socialising. Calories are calories and they make you gain weight whether you eat alone or for someone else.

Ordering Food In Stress

Though your actual plan is to eat a salad and drink a juice, the stressful conditions at the workplace may drive you to order a pizza and reward yourself.

Also, many studies suggest that many employees order junk food only to cope up with their stress. This way, your office could be making you eat more.

Not Being Able To Focus On The Act Of Eating

Sometimes, you tend to be so busy that you are forced to finish off your lunch at the desk itself. Your mind tends to be preoccupied with work while your mouth keeps chewing your meal. That isn't mindful eating.

You may not derive the benefits of your food fully if you don't eat mindfully. You may not chew the food well. Or you may over eat. In some cases, you may eat less and throw the remaining food in the dustbin when your mind is stressed up with the work. This is another reason why you might gain weight in office.

Your Surroundings

Even the living conditions and the temperature in your workplace could impact your eating habits. A study indicates that staying in poorly lit conditions can make you eat more. Even the air conditioned space could impact your appetite in certain ways. Instead of staying for long hours in the cozy interiors, take breaks and breathe some fresh air outside.

Late Hours

Though your logout time is 6 pm you leave the office premises after 8 pm. This disturbs your evening workout schedules and also makes you munch some roadside food on your way back home as you tend to feel hungry before you reach home. This is another way your work life affects your eating habits.


This is one of the most obvious reasons why you tend to gain weight fast due to your work life. Most of the jobs today demand sitting for long hours. The calories you consume never get a chance to be utilised well and therefore, they get into the fat stores of your body, thanks to the sedentary job.

Sleepless Nights

A pending presentation or an impossible target might also affect your sleep quality especially when you have a boss who might keep you on toes. When your sleep quality gets disturbed, your hormonal balance may go haywire and could indirectly be a reason for obesity.

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Reasons For Weight Gain Due To Your Job
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