This Man Eats Lizards Every Single Day

This Man Eats Lizards Every Single Day

This Man Eats Lizards Every Single Day:

What is the worst thing that you would have thought that people can eat? From insects to cockroaches - the list sure looks disgusting. But have you heard of someone relishing or wanting to eat lizards as a delicacy?

Yes, though this sounds crazy, there is a man who enjoys relishing eating lizards and apparently, this practice has been going on since the past 20 years!

Continue reading to know more about this bizarre case of the man who enjoys relishing lizards every single day!

He Is An Indian

This crazy man's name is Kailash. He apparently lives in a village, in Madhya Pradesh. He is known as 'Mena' who loves to relish lizards in all his 3 times meal.

He Loves The Soup!

Kailash claims that he can't live without drinking the soup of lizards every single day and this is something that he is addicted to. He claims that it doesn't complete his day if he's hadn't had one.

He Has Been Doing It For Years Now!

He is also nick-named as the 'Poison Man'(Vish Purush). He revealed that he has been eating lizards since 20 years! With such an addiction, it makes us realise that he would never give up on this!

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This Man Eats Lizards Every Single Day
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