Top Ten Hair Myths Busted With Their Facts!

Top Ten Hair Myths Busted With Their Facts!

Top Ten Hair Myths Busted With Their Facts!

Though we all try to put in our best efforts when it comes to hair care, eventually mistakes do happen. That is because, most of the everyday-followed hair care methods are actually myths.

Just because our parents, relatives or friends do it, we repeat these without even cross checking if these hair care methods really make a difference or not.

So that your hair care plan is accurate and you don't repeat on the myths; here is a list of ten hair care myths stated with the facts.

Learn the hair care myths from this list and ensure you don't include these in your hair care routine. If you were blindly following these myths until now, then it's time to give it up.

Plucking Grey Hair Increases It 

Well, once the first strand of grey hair pops out, it will continue. Whether you pluck the grey hair or don't - it does not make any difference. So, once you see grey hair popping all around your hair, you should try natural remedies to limit it. Plucking grey hair neither increases nor decreases the process.

Frequent Shampooing Is Unhealthy

It's often said the chemical composition of hair shampoo damages the hair eventually, which is true to quite an extent. Here, the remedy is opting for an ayurvedic, medicated or 100% natural shampoo and constant use of which actually cleanses your scalp. Using a wrong shampoo frequently is unhealthy; but using the right shampoo often is beneficial for your hair and scalp.

Trimming And Hair Length Are Inter-related

Irrespetive of your hair trimming plans, your hair length approximately changes upto an inch every month. So, those who consider that trimming the hair every month is good, it really does not affect the hair growth plan. However, hair trimming at regular intervals helps in maintaining a good shape of the hair, where the thin edges can be cropped.

Switching Hair Products Is A Remedy

Men and women often have a tendency of switching hair products and brands. This is wrong. Stick to a specific hair product or brand and continue using them. This lets the product understand the need of your hair and function likewise. If you constantly change hair products, you are following a hair myth.

Air Drying Versus Blow Drying

Air drying is healthier. In case of blow drying, the heat applied extracts the natural oils of the hair, making it appear dull and without any lustre overtime.

Water Temperature Affects Your Hair

The hair has no living cells. So whether you use hot or cold water, it makes no difference to your hair. However, using very hot water rips off the essential oils from your hair, making it dry and rough. So, a balanced water temperature is ideal for your hair.

Comb Or Brush Your Hair As Many Times As Possible

Is there no other work on the planet than combing or brushing hair? The answer to how many times you must comb your hair is two - one after bath and two, during bedtime. Coming to maximum number of hair combing sessions, do it whenever you think you need it in order to maintain well-groomed detangled hair.

Your Hair Is The Replica Of Your Parents

When it turns out to be a bad hair day, all of a sudden you start blaming your parents for whom you got your respective hair problem from. Do note your hair might not necessarily be a replica of your parents and carry traits from your maternal or paternal ancestors. So trying to link hair problems to family makes sense but not directly to your parents.

Hair Growth Is A Magical Phenomenon

Hair growth is not a magical but seasonal phenomenon. Hair growth accelerates in the summer and is less during winter. This stands universally true and for both men and women. So, those who let their hair grow expecting the almighty to do a favour, just note, in summer your hair grows faster and in winter, the hair growth pace diminishes.

Plait Is The Healthiest Hairstyle

Mommies in India often recommend plait as the ideal and everyday hairstyle. This is a complete myth and doing hair plait every day actually weakens the roots of your hair. Therefore, along with plaiting your hair, try doing other hairstyles that can relax your hair roots and allow a free movement of the hair.

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Top Ten Hair Myths Busted With Their Facts!
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