Pregnant women in Taiwan dance to Despacito

Pregnant women in Taiwan dance to Despacito

Pregnant women in Taiwan dance to Despacito:

There is a reason this video is so viral.

#4 A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman's life. Carrying a life for 9 months and giving birth is not an easy task. But sometimes women are expected to change their lives immediately.

When people see a pregnant woman they forget that they they are looking at a woman. A woman who is her own person who has her own hopes and dreams.

#3 A Woman

This video shows a group of women who defy the box that society puts them into. These women are pregnant women about to bring new life into this world.

But they are also women who want to live their lives. Who want to let loose every once in a while.

#2 Breaking Free

In Taiwan a group of pregnant women defied all restrictions usually imposed on pregnant ladies and danced their hearts out at the Taipei Railway station. When they suddenly break into dance people are initially shocked at what they're witnessing.

The video, uploaded by news website Shanghaiist, went viral on the internet with more than 85K views.

#1 Despacito!

According to the Chinese tradition, expecting mothers are 'not' supposed to participate in any celebration as too much joy can adversely affect the baby.

The video went viral but reactions vary from people question the 'relevance' of it to others, who totally enjoyed the performance of the happy moms-to-be. The happiness in their heart is so visible but then, there were those on who found the whole act 'shameful'. Well, haters gonna hate, right?

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Pregnant women in Taiwan dance to Despacito
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