10 Foods You Should Strictly Avoid After A Workout

10 Foods You Should Strictly Avoid After A Workout

10 Foods You Should Strictly Avoid After A Workout:

After a strenuous workout, we would probably feel elated that we have done something useful in life which is good for our body and we may be overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

We would also try to gobble the food, the first thing that our eyes set on. Post workout foods are absolutely necessary to restore your much needed energy, to build and repair the torn out muscle tissues and to give a boost in metabolism.

But, a word of caution! Though foods after exercise is absolutely necessary, care should be taken that they are chosen correctly and carefully which does not spoil all your hard work at the gym.

Well! We have compiled a list of foods which should be certainly avoided after a workout. Reckless eating or in other words mindless munching of food after exercise will in the long run wreck your health.


Soda is a food that should be absolutely avoided after a workout. Want to know the reason? Well! Then read on! After a strenuous exercise routine it is a must to stay hydrated. Soda is a drink that will not provide the much needed hydration your body needs and it will only cause bloating.

Spicy Foods: 

Spicy foods are bad for you in every way, especially after an exercise routine. Read on to know the reason! Being difficult to digest, these foods can cause the digestion process to get overloaded when it is the time to give the body some rest with easily digestible foods.

High Protein Foods: 

The reason not to have high protein foods is the same as that of spicy foods. They are very hard to digest and it would not give the stomach its much-needed rest after the workout. Supposing, if you are following an exercise routine to put on weight then your post workout diet should be rich in carbohydrates and to lose weight your diet should comprise of easily digestible proteins.


Chocolates are certainly not a healthy option to be a post workout snack. Especially, when you are trying to lose weight chocolates should not be eaten after a workout. The protein absorption will become slower due to the fat content present in the chocolate.

Salty Foods: 

Salty foods like chips are also not a good option to be incorporated into your diet after workouts. Though the readymade salty foods might be an easier choice to quench your salt cravings, they are, of course, not a healthy snack to be had after exercise since these food items may not replenish the right kind of fats and salts in your body post workout.

Sugary Snacks: 

Post workout snacks should be high in carbohydrates and fiber to replenish the much needed glycogen in your system. Sugary snacks, like pastries, have unhealthy carbohydrates, fats and sugars that might cause a damaging impact on your body.

Fried Eggs: 

Fried eggs are usually made with oil or butter which are rich in saturated fats. This may be damaging to your health after workouts. The best way to consume eggs is to have it boiled or mix the raw egg with a protein shake.


Alcohol will, of course, have damaging effects on your body to have it after the workouts. Want to know how? Well! Alcohol has diuretic effects on your system and cannot contribute, but worsens the muscle recovery process after the workouts.

Raw Vegetables: 

Raw vegetables though may be a part of a healthy and balanced diet is not a good choice to have straight after workouts. Want to know the reason? Read on. After the workouts, the body desperately needs to replenish itself with essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Raw vegetables do not suffice to fulfill what the body needs.

High Fatty Foods:

Fatty foods can slow down the digestion process and thus cannot replenish the body with the essential nutrients it needs at a quicker pace. Thus it is best to avoid foods rich in fat content after the workouts.

To conclude, by choosing the right foods one can easily get the desired results after the workouts. Say a strict no-no to the above listed foods after the workouts.

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10 Foods You Should Strictly Avoid After A Workout
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