Dear girls, are you wearing the right bra?

Dear girls, are you wearing the right bra?

Dear girls, are you wearing the right bra?

Breast is an important part of a female body and bras are their best friends. But sadly, majority of the women are unaware of the fact that they are wearing their bras in a wrong way. Some women consider it unimportant to go to the shop and invest time in getting the right size of their bra. And some pay for the stylish and high-end brands, forgetting about the comfort of the garment.

Be it tops, dresses or undergarments, when we buy clothes, we ignore the informative tags that are attached to them. An average woman feels confident enough that they have been wearing the correct size of the bra which fits them the best, since hitting puberty. But what most are heedless about is the correct way of wearing a bra.

Shocked? It’s true! There is a correct way of wearing a bra. Don’t believe us? Let us take you to a real-life realisation of a women who discovered after 20 years of wearing bra that she is putting it the wrong way.

Recently, a woman named Brittany Packnett, who is an Educator, activist and speaker, tweeted on social media about “How to put on a bra?”.

She tweeted:

With this picture of a tag that raises the question, is there a wrong way to put on a bra?

She explained in the later tweet that the tag which comes on the bra is *literally* titled, “How To Put On a Bra”. And like every other girl, she was like...’girl bye I been doin this’. She assumed that she knew how to put on a bra, but then she decided to read it:

In another clarifying tweet, Packnett lets everyone know that her post is not an ad. One of her friends suggested her to try ‘ThirdLove’ bras and when she did, she discovered this tag.

When people got super-confused with this whole “last clasp” thing, there were some quick tips for them:

Next one is:

And some ‘Boobs genius’ claimed that they knew this already. Look what they wrote:

One should be careful of the correct size, material and correct way to put on a bra. Else it would be very harmful for them in a long run. Your breast shape reflects the total physical presentation of a woman. So, trying to put on your bra in the right way and prevent these preconceived notions on “How to put on a bra?”. The most important part of wearing something should be that you are comfortable. No set of instructions can assure that. But this information outlining the steps on how to wear a bra can surely help you with a better and long-lasting fit.

Did you already know about this bra thing? Or you were shocked just like Brittany Packnett? Well, thank you Brittany for sharing this news with everyone and making us aware of what we have been doing wrong since all these years. We hope this information is helpful for you as well. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Dear girls, are you wearing the right bra?
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