Hina Khan Uses These Homemade Face Packs To Get That Natural Blush

Hina Khan Uses These Homemade Face Packs To Get That Natural Blush

Hina Khan Uses These Homemade Face Packs To Get That Natural Blush:

The favourite bahu of Star parivaar, Hina Khan, is a gorgeous lady. Her olive complexion and long luscious locks are to die for. The actress takes good care of her skin and hair and owes everything to the natural treatments.

Her beauty regime is simple yet, extremely effective. If you, too, want to look just as gorgeous like her, read her beauty secrets.

We are what we eat

What goes into your mouth has a big effect on your skin and hair. Those with beautiful skin are well aware of this secret. Hina firmly believes that one should eat right and increase the intake of fluids if they want to look naturally beautiful. She drinks a lot of fluids, including coconut water, and eat in moderation. She keeps her system clean for that natural glow.

Hina shared:

"I feel that whatever we eat shows on our face. Our face is the mirror of our internal system. I drink lots of water, at least 12 glasses a day. It helps me clear my system which reflects on my skin. I also drink coconut water twice a day. A bowl of curd is also a must. I also have one amla a day to detoxify my system and retain the glow on my face. I eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, but I don't overeat. Moderation is the key to a healthy body and when you have a healthy body there is a glow on your skin."

She also pampers her skin with spa treatments every once in a while. She goes for face clean-ups every 15 days and a full body spa treatment once in a month. She takes care of her whole body and not just the face.

For the glowing face

Unlike many other actresses, Hina is not fond of makeup. Whenever she isn't shooting, she prefers going au naturel. Other than eating a balanced diet, she relies on the basic ingredients for glowing skin. It is the touch of natural rose water which makes Hina's face blush naturally. She washes her face with rose water in the morning and once she is done with the shoots, she wipes off the makeup with some good old coconut oil.

She stays away from makeup whenever it is possible and applies Lacto calamine lotion for the extra nourishment. She keeps a good moisturiser handy to feed her skin right. Since she isn't fond of the chemical treatments, she fixes her own exfoliators and face packs.

On what she uses to exfoliate her skin, Hina said:

"I prefer home remedies like applying fresh tomato face pack, as it refreshes my skin. I also put malai on my face sometimes and also take steam to soften my skin. A mixture of dried orange rind and milk is great for exfoliating the skin. I also use milk and rose water on my skin to keep it supple."

She also uses mashed strawberry, honey and curd as face scrub to exfoliate her skin to keep it youthful.

For the lovely locks

Hina has the most envious locks and it seems like she never has a bad hair day. Though Hina's hair is naturally silky, she makes sure that they remain damage-free as well. She uses almond oil or olive oil for deep nourishment at least once in a month.

For her over-night homemade spa treatments, she uses a mixture of egg and yoghurt. For an extra dose of shine, she combines lemon juice with buckwheat water and rinses with it after shampooing her hair.

She also wraps a warm towel around her head to steam her scalp as it encourages blood flow in the area. She also uses henna on her hair twice a month for that gorgeous colour. She never lets even a drop of conditioner touch her scalp.

Now that Hina has spilt the beans on her beauty secrets, you can use them to have that beautiful skin and shiny strands of hair. Just go to your kitchen and grab your everyday ingredients to look beautiful.

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Hina Khan Uses These Homemade Face Packs To Get That Natural Blush
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