Why people have sex in the car

Why people have sex in the car

Why people have sex in the car:

For some of us, the idea of having sex in a car sounds weird. But many enjoy it. Why? Firstly, in a cramped space, inconvenient surroundings and the risk of being watched by others, what makes it a great idea?

Some surveys indicate that sex in cars has been there since the first car was built almost a century ago!

Many couples love to make out in parked cars. So, a survey was conducted to find out the reasons. The participants were asked several questions but their identity was kept anonymous. Here are a few facts.

Fact #1

80% of the men admitted that they love to have sex in cars especially with a woman who is ready for a one night stand with no strings attached.

Fact #2

Some participants admitted that they prefer car sex with a serious partner only when no other place is available when they are in mood.

Fact #3

Some couples told that car sex gives them thrill mainly because of the risk of being watched by someone. The fear of getting caught gives a high to some people. That is just thrill-seeking behaviour.

Fact #4

Men and women who are into extra marital affairs openly admitted that car sex is the safest option for them as they cannot meet each other anywhere else.

Fact #5

Some people can't wait. If they are horny, they would prefer sex immediately. So, when they are horny in the car, they would prefer to stop the car by the country side and get naked inside the car.

Fact #6

Some people go to an extent of masturbating while driving which is one of the most dangerous fetishes which can end life. That's risky behaviour which could lead to a road accident!

Fact #7

Surveys indicate that more than women, it is the men who experience orgasm in car. Except 3-5% of the women participants a majority of them admitted that they didn't experience orgasm during car sex.

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Why people have sex in the car
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