Top 5 Places Women Want to Be Touched

Top 5 Places Women Want to Be Touched

Top 5 Places Women Want to Be Touched:

Instead of getting stuck at the penetrative act, you can always make your bed life more beautiful by pampering your woman with foreplay.

And if you think only the lips, breasts, butt or the genitals are the only places to touch in order to turn your woman on, you are mislead by someone.

There are so many other places in her body which can be touched with love. And your touch will surely offer a better impact. Here are some places to start off with.


Most of us never even consider touching a loved one on the scalp. But there are so many nerve endings on the scalp.

Yes, all the hair follicles on the scalp serve a good purpose. When you meet her, gently move you fingers on the scalp and offer a head massage. It will surely turn her on!

Behind The Knees

The skin behind the knees is actually a sensual spot. If she is wearing a skirt, move your fingers on that spot and see her feeling relaxed and turned on!

Inner Thighs

Once you see your girlfriend relaxing and getting into the 'pleasure zone', you can move on to another sensual spot that charges her with a great mood. Inner thighs!

You have two options. You can either use your fingers to touch the skin on the inner thighs or you can use your tongue to stimulate the nerve endings over there.


If you are capable of feather-like sensitive touch, don't ignore the elbow. The area behind the elbows are good spots to make your girl feel good.


The most beautiful thing you can do to her when she is tired is offering a foot massage! It first relaxes her and then it elevates her mood. Also, foot massage fills her heart with gratitude.

When she is in that frame of mind, she will shower lots of love on you during the remaining part of the romantic episode.

Touching your loved one in the right places can make a lot of difference! Explore her body with care tonight!

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Top 5 Places Women Want to Be Touched
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