How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good

How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good

How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good:

There is something intoxicating about the smell and taste of a healthy vagina. That is why men crave to lick it.

The smell and taste of the lady part comes partly from the liquids that ooze out during intercourse. A healthy vagina emits a smell that sends signals to the man's brain to get into reproductive mode.

What influences the smell? Your diet, secreted fluids, sweat and even arousal liquids that spontaneously ooze during sex are some factors that give a smell and taste to the vagina.

And yes, you can make it taste delicious for him! Here are some tips.

What To Eat?

Parsley, cucumber, green tea, mango, blue berries, kiwi and pineapple are some of the foods that will make your man compliment you when he goes down and uses his tongue.

Foods That Spoil The Taste

Dairy products, garlic, onion, spicy food, dairy, broccoli, red meat and asparagus are some foods that mess up the taste of the lady part.

What Does Smoking Do?

Smoking spoils the smell down there as the chemicals in a cigarette get into the blood stream and makes the place smell like cigarette ash.

What Does Alcohol Do?

Alcohol could alter the flavour of the fluids that get secreted and this could mess up the smell and taste of the lady part.

What About Pubic Hair?

The smell and taste depend upon the pH levels down there. Keeping it clean helps. Instead of shaving the hair, trim it. A bit of hair also gets a peculiar smell which men enjoy.

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