What Men Really Think About When They Masturbate

What Men Really Think About When They Masturbate

What Men Really Think About When They Masturbate:

In a recent survey, psychologists interviewed a few men who were randomly picked from various age groups and various social conditions.

The only question that was put before them was: what do you do before masturbation? Generally, men imagine or visualise or fantasise their favourite women before releasing their fluids.

So, who were their favourite women? Are they celebrities? Are they life partners? Or are they their crushes? The answers would really shock you! Here are they.


The first man to be interviewed was a married man who had a very beautiful wife. When he was asked what he did to masturbate, he explained that when his wife is out of station, he would fantasise his servant maid to masturbate!

When he was asked whether his servant maid looked beautiful, he said no. But he somehow seemed to get a thrill whenever he fantasised his servant maid!


When a college student was interviewed, psychologists first thought that he would fantasise the most beautiful classmate. But he explained that there was a female construction labourer who worked in the construction site of his new campus building. He said he generally fantasises her big breasts to masturbate!


When a corporate employee was interviewed, he simply explained that his boss is the only woman who can excite him in his dreams!


When a shop keeper was interviewed, he explained that he would frequently imagine his beautiful female customers doing blow job to him! Maybe, that helps him release his fluids!


When all of the participants were showed images of beautiful women (super models) and asked whether they felt aroused, their answer was a ‘NO' though they agreed that the women were really beautiful!


But when they were shown random images of normal women who aren't good looking, they said they felt aroused!


Though this might surprise most of us, psychologists claimed that only beauty may not be enough for a man to get aroused! Men secretly get thrilled when the thought of having sex with a woman who is unapproachable comes to their minds!

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What Men Really Think About When They Masturbate
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