9 Different Kinds of Friends You’ll Have in High School

9 Different Kinds of Friends You'll Have in High School

9 Different Kinds of Friends You'll Have in High School:

As I'm starting to consider where my life will go after high school, I can't help but look at the amazing friends who have gotten me through these years. They're beautiful, confident and strong. They have never given up on me, and I can't thank them enough for changing my life for the better. Each of my friends has played a different role in my life, but they've all shaped me into who I am, and helped me on my darkest days. Here are the nine friends that have gotten me through high school.

1. The Gaby:

She is absolutely the funniest person you'll ever meet. Gaby can brighten your mood in seconds, and she never fails to make you laugh even on tough days. She's bubbly and full of giggles, but when it comes down to it, she can give incredible advice and she's reliable like no other.

2. The Stephanie:

This girl has grown up with you, and she will fight to the death to defend you. You two get each other in a way that's only possible coming from such a long-lasting friendship. Stephanie tells you what's going on straight up, and she'll be by your side forever.

3. The Kathleen:

Your personal teddy bear. The snuggly friend. This girl is there in the good times and the bad, and she always offers a shoulder to cry on. Some days all you need is a hug and some reassurance, and a Kathleen is sure to provide.

4. The Aisling:

She is your zen friend. Whether it's her latest advice about mental and physical well-being, or a reminder to drink more water, she's always trying to help you stay on track. Aisling has her own unique style, and she always reminds you to stay true to yourself.

5. The Olivia:

Olivia doesn't have a single mean bone in her body. She is pure kindness and love. An Olivia will never fail to listen to all your complaints with a compassionate ear, and you can count on her for drama-free, fun times.

6. The Nina:

Nina is always taking you on adventures. She's consistently supportive and kind, and she loves you not in spite of, but for all your weirdness. Nina will look out for you, and make you laugh with her understated humor.

7. The Julia:

This girl is something special. She knows you better than anyone else in the world, and she loves you for exactly who you are. Julia's advice is always clear-cut and logical, she wants the best for you and that's just it. Absolute support and love. Invaluable friendship.

8. The Julianne:

You may think she's a little wild at first, but you know that this girl is so good for you. She's "the fun friend" who makes you go out on a Friday night, and is always up to try something new. No one else wants you to succeed as much as Julianne does, she is your number one cheerleader.

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9 Different Kinds of Friends You'll Have in High School
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