How strong is your sex drive?

How strong is your sex drive?

How strong is your sex drive?

You come home tired. All you want to do is fall asleep. But your wife quickly jumps on to you and starts kissing you all over. But the fire inside you doesn't get ignited. She even tries to remove your pants and tries to kiss you on all your favourite spots. But still, you fall asleep.

You wake up the next day only to see an upset wife complaining that you are never contributing to her pleasure! Well, you are not alone. This happens to many other men and of course, women too.

The sex drive of two persons may or may not be in tune. Digest this fact! You can't do much about your actual desire levels. All you can do is understand your partner's drive and try to contribute enough pleasure by giving your best whenever possible.

Here are some more facts about various levels of sex drives that people have.

The Addict

Some people are addicted to the high that sex gives. All they want is sex as many times as possible in the day.

Such people may get frustrated if they don't get enough. They rely only on sex to get rid of stress. Their partners may feel frustrated to cooperate with them all the time. They may also feel raped! So, if you are an addict, maybe you need to understand your partner's concerns.

If your partner is an addict maybe you can help him or her come out of the addiction by relishing love through acts like cuddling instead of sex.

Nagging Lover

This category of people is super particular about everything that is supposed to happen during sex. They may get aroused only if things are done in a particular way.

They expect their partners to do lots of sacrifices for hours together only to get aroused. Otherwise, they get upset and start nagging! In fact, they may have specific fantasies which are too challenging to implement! If you or your partner is like that, it is better to work on the problem as sex may stop exciting both of you in the long run.

The Selfish One

Your partner simply walks up to you, quickly kisses you and penetrates fast to ejaculate in a minute. After that, he simply goes to sleep without even talking anything. Selfish lovers are people who only crave for their own pleasure.

They don't do anything for their partners. If you or your partner behaves like that, the future of the relationship may suffer.

The Passive Lover

Some people lack any interest in sex. Imagine this situation. You are horny and you start kissing your partner for long but you see no response. He or she simply keeps looking at the ceiling while you do all the crazy stuff that can make even a stone horny!

That upsets your mood and you go to sleep. If a man or a woman loses interest in sex due to health reason or stress, it should be discussed to avoid misunderstandings.

The Cuddler

Some people love only cuddling more than sex. All they want is to establish a strong emotional bond with the partner. So, they spend hours together cuddling without getting into penetrative sex. Actually, it isn't a bad thing but if you are upset with that kind of behaviour, try to sort things out by telling what you need in bed.

The Violent Lover

This category of men or women gets violent during sex to derive pleasure! They don't care how much it pains to the partner! And if the partner says no, they start manhandling! This is unhealthy! They need therapy.

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