Mirnalini Ravi Full Biography, Career, Facts

Mirnalini Ravi Full Biography, Career, Facts

Mirnalini Ravi Full Biography, Career, Facts: Mirnalini Ravi, the popular Dubsmasher in the recent times has been raging the Dubsmash space with her killing expressions. Dubsmash is a popular platform to showcase your talent which got to be well known in India in the late times. This app allows you to mimic your favourite songs, dialogues from your favourite movies. We have seen a lot of individuals taking advantage of the app by exhibiting their talents by which some had even got offers from cine industry.

Mirnalini Ravi Passion

Mirnalini, an engineering graduate form Pondicherry, is currently living in Bengaluru. Her parents are basically a native of Chennai and she is working in a reputed MNC in Bengaluru. While she got paced in an organization before finishing the college, she began making Dubsmash videos in the meantime before joining the company. She started dubsmashing for fun, however, on account of gratefulness she got from her friends, she posted some of the videos on Facebook which have turned into a web sensation onFacebook as well as WhatsApp. That got her fame overnight.

She adores to be called as Miru, nickname of her. Following the staggering response and request from fans, she keeps on making Dubsmash videos. She doesn’t have an official YouTube Channel, however her videos effectively make huge amounts of hits.

The 22-year-old Miru said that she is getting offers from leading directors in the industry, yet she dodge them for the sake of her parents. She is very much passionate towards acting which triggered her to make Dubsmash videos. Not only are her expressions cute but also she is.She has a huge fan base, in fact, she make videos for them, though she doesn’t find time for them.

Mirnalini may not be a star by now, but we can expect her to make debut in acting very soon, if her parents give green signal. Her Facebook page had secured almost 1 lakh followers in less than two months.

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Mirnalini Ravi Full Biography, Career, Facts
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