5 Hottest Sex Positions Men Love Most

5 Hottest Sex Positions Men Love Most

5 Hottest Sex Positions Men Love Most:

Want to drive him crazy on bed and add some spice to your sex life? You have your chance. All you need to do is ace these hottest sex positions that we know men totally love. Men usually do a lot on bed to ensure that their lady love is satisfied and content with sex. Now it is your turn to return the favor. Do a role reversal and make your man all turned on. Since sex positions play a very important role, here are the hottest sex positions that men love. And these are not the usual, boring missionary positions. Read to know what they are!

1. Woman on top

This is one position that no man hates.  This lets you be on top and take the lead. Men love it when the woman takes the lead and dominates the sex scene. The woman on top position is sure to drive you crazy. You set the pace according to your wish, sometimes slow to sometimes real fast. Keep him guessing.

2. The reverse cowgirl position

Another sex position that most men love is the reverse cowgirl position. In this one, the woman is on the top and her back faces the man.  It doesn’t have a lot of eye contact or too much of touching, but the stroking is enough to make your man all aroused. If you still want to make an eye contact you can always just turn and catch a glimpse, this is also enough to add the spice.

3. The standing position

This can be perfected only after a couple of tries.  The standing position is where the two of you are standing and the man enters you from behind.  You can make the most of your kitchen and try this position there. Just bend forward and hold the kitchen platform while he penetrates you.

4. Spooning

This is one sex position that allows a lot of body touching and thus it is a very close position. The two of you have to lie down side by side and the man will penetrate. Your back will face the man and the man can hold you tight. For a different variation, you can turn a little facing the man, so that he gets to watch you during sex.

5. The Lap Dance

Who doesn’t love sex in different spots! Pull a wooden chair and sit on top your man while he is sitting on the chair. You can either face him or not, but this position will make your ma go weak in his knees.  He will surely love the feel of you straddling him and being in complete control. The added advantage with this position is that you can watch your man and kiss him all over.

These sex positions are hot AF and every man loves each of them mentioned above.

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5 Hottest Sex Positions Men Love Most
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