5 Irritating Things Men Do In Bed

5 Irritating Things Men Do In Bed

5 Irritating Things Men Do In Bed:

There are many complaints from women about male bed behaviour! Yes, some women can openly discuss about such things whereas some don't.

So, it is better to know what irritates women in general so that you don't do such things with your partner in bed.

Here are some of those points which will help you understand what irritates your partner when in bed.


If she asks you to strip, don't hesitate. Yes, maybe she likes to see you doing strip tease. Do it the right way instead of simply brushing it off saying it's a crazy idea.

If she asks for it, do it! There's nothing wrong in implementing her crazy dream at least in the bed room!


Your performance will first be rated on how well you make her wet without using a lubricant. So, whether you try foreplay or a dirty conversation to make her wet, or simply use your tongue inside her is not the question. Making her wet without the lube is the point.


Pulling hair is a no no! She will get irritated if you pull her hair and think you are getting wild in the bed. It isn't horny. It pains her.


Even though you want to ejaculate on her face, don't do that without prior information! That's disgusting! If you have such fantasies, discuss them beforehand


When she asks for cunnilingus, do it without complaining about the smell or else give her an excuse without letting her know that she smells bad down there!! Realise that she will feel embarrassed if you are too rude in telling her about her vaginal odour!

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5 Irritating Things Men Do In Bed
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